Monday, November 2, 2009

You'd actually do that for just a Klondike bar?

Hope everyone survived let the barrage of Christmas advertising begin (sigh).

I know some of you, as Christians, have a problem with Halloween and the pagan roots it sprang from many years ago. That's okay by me, and I say you have every right to celebrate or not celebrate whatever you chose, and other people shouldn't be judgmental about your choice.

We do participate in the festivities at my house though. Mrs. Tony C and I normally attend a costume party with a number of our friends...which is always a hoot. We have a costume competition, eat great food, fellowship and play games. Of course, this year also showcased the Tennessee/South Carolina football game with the Vols surprisingly donning black jerseys to go with the traditional orange pants. College football is a way of life in the South, and game starting times have been known to affect wedding dates, birthday celebrations, and baby deliveries...I kid you not.

This year also marked the end of costumed candy collecting for our teenager but was the first year truly experienced by the 2 year old. She dressed in a lady bug costume to the delight of family (especially grandmothers) and friends. Her mom was also particularly excited about her costume that had been made by a talented local seamstress. Yes...I thought it was pretty cool too.

This Halloween must be serious stuff....

The prospect of adults just handing you candy...absolutely free...on this appointed day during the year at just the price of dressing in costume and speaking the magically phrase trick or treat must be completely astounding for younger kids. For 364 days of the year, parents and toddlers wage full-scale war over the balance between treats and overindulgence...then along comes this annual detente falling over the entire household, and chocolate is no longer the coveted goal of most all scheming and deception played out on a daily basis.

The youngest one was in the spirit early in the week after attending a couple of Halloween themed parties. The actual day of event looked like an episode of Entourage on HBO as no less than 7 people followed her around as she panned for sweet treats. The first house she approached was covered by what seemed like more film footage than Brett Favre's return to Green Bay this weekend. She had just awaken from a power nap, and the impending rain caused a hustling that doesn't usually work with toddlers. But the stage was set as my little ladybug approached the first house with basket in hand...

Mommy: What do you say?

Ladybug: (withdrawing) nooooaaaahhhh!

Mommy: You know what to say. Do you want candy?

Ladybug: (mumbling) Candy please.

Tony C: No, it's trick or treat...

Ladybug:(agitated) noooooooaaaaaahhhhh!

Tony C: Noah built an you want a piece of candy?

House Owners: It's okay cutie. Here you go.

Ladybug: Candy please!

Tony C: No, it's trick or treat!

Mommy: Really's okay. (To Ladybug) Say thank you...

Ladybug (staring at candy in her basket): Can I have please?

Tony C: Not yet. We have more houses to go to first.

Ladybug (whining): I want candy...please I have candy!

Tony C: No. We have more...

Mommy: It's okay Tony. She can have a piece now if it helps.

Tony C (whining also): But she didn't even say the right words...'trick or treat'.

Mommy: No, she said 'please' which is much better.

Ladybug (chewing mouth full of candy): mahah maamaamhhamaa.

She holds up her basket to offer me a piece of candy...ouch...what a schmuck I am.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the video away from my sister before it hits YouTube...


David said...

Very cute - we sent out our dolphin, a 5 veteran foraging the seas near our home. She's a pro now - making a bowl for daddy of all the candies she doesn't like.

The teens and young adults, well, they went to constume parties.

BTW - If pagen roots are a bad thing, then we might as well toss all the other holidays from Christmas to Easter.

Michelle said...

How cute!

Mommy is right. I find all the satisfaction in the world when my Lil says, "Moe egg peeze."

Manners- CHECK

Tony C said...

I was guessing it would take at least a few posted comments before somebody pointed that out David...

You're lucky Michelle didn't comment first because I know she has a ton to say on the issue of pagen origins and holidays!

sherri said...

What an adorable little lady bug. All my sons are grown, but two of them came to the house in full costume- and we went to see the other in concert- fully costumed. It was a wonderful weekend.

We're makin' memories.

Tracy said...

Your little lady bug is adorable.

I concur with your sentiment that it's up to the individual if he/she is offended by the the pagan origins & so does not celebrate Halloween or just has a lot of fun with it in a totally different context.

At our house, to my surprise our 15yr old still went trick or treating with friends and the 16yr old went to a party. We didn't do anything this yr (MLB you know). Although there were teens in and out of our house the entire weekend, including sleep overs.

Trey said...

I asked Ladybug if she received a lot of candy the other night. I got the usual " Nooooahhh!" I said "Well, Why not?" She so innocently replied "Daddy took it all." Haha. Just thought your readers should know what really went down. Good times!