Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Guest Blogger- Michelle Franklin from Finding Michelle

My Guest Blogger today is barely a month old to the blogosphere, but she has certainly found a niche. Michelle Franklin writes at Finding Michelle about the transition and challenges of being a new mom. I've known Michelle most of this decade and knew her husband Nate before she did! Her approach is raw and real, and a great read that most any parent can relate.

Today's Best Of was only her second post. I hope you will link over and follow Michelle after you check this out...

I'm a virgin, you see.

It all started a few days ago. At this point, I’m a little blurry about how many days have gone by now. I mentioned to my dear friend, “Hey Tony C, I think I want to start a blog.” We have a bit of discussion... and I now hear his words echoing in my head, “You’re a needle in a haystack,” “it takes time.” Well me being me, (and that’s the whole point of this, right?), jump in head first. And this is me now…

After days of searching blog after blog, I found myself a bit overwhelmed. I mean really, two years ago I laid down the ol’ PC to ensure I was stimulating my baby appropriately; even had the Internet turned off. In the past, I would consider myself pretty technologically sound for the layperson. I was never into the newest gadgets or anything, but could handle my own. About a month ago, I finally got a Blackberry Storm and BAM! Here I am again. And let me tell you, I should have been stimulating myself a little bit. It’s true people, use it or lose it. I’ve done got damn near dumb. Period.

You see, I am a blogging virgin. Only by chance have I ever even looked at a blog. Blogs appeared occasionally when I was using a search engine to win an argument. So, here I am blogging. Granted, I just figured out, barely, how to use my phone and navigate Facebook. Now, I’m trying to keep up with Dashboard and MBC, all the while trying to create an attractive blog and find others to follow. That may not sound much to some of you, but like I said… damn near dumb with a 6 month old and 2 year old. AND I may be expected to Tweet! I think not!

I tell my dear hubby, Nate, I’m thinking of posting about a Blog Addiction and he laughs. He proceeds to tell me he knew this was going to happen. He says, and I quote, “Your OCD about this stuff. It’s either all or nothin’. You can’t do something just for the fun of it.” (And then reminds me of the hours I spent daily on BeliefNet back in the day, but that’s beside the point.) And he’s right. I cannot and will not thrive in chaos or disorder. If there is chaos or confusion, my brain shuts down and my alter ego, Shannon, takes over. Shannon is all about business and will not leave until things are under control. So, Shannon’s been hanging out for the past few days trying to get this blog thing under control.

But that’s fine. The dopamine is pumping!

I also want to say thanks to those who have left comments here or on MBC. I appreciate the support greatly and hope that once Shannon gets things in more order here I can network more productively.

Here's to Blogging!

Check out more from Michelle at Finding Michelle.


David said...

I was a blogging virgin *snif* once too. Now I am blogging whore - I suppose someday I'd like to be at least a prostitute and make a few bucks - but is already taken.

Maybe if my wife had time to write, we could have a shotgun weddin' and be married bloggers - two keyboards merged into one - *sigh* - after all I am married to the grammar police.

But there is a lot of temptation out there - the next social networking fad – retaliation for rude and malicious comments, - trying to be like Tony C.

Who knows how unfaithful one might become if Windows actually worked? I admit it - see it is only during reboots that I get tp see my family. And sadly, have I have squandered some of those opportunities using the bathroom.

BTW - you can connect your Tweets to be you Facebook status - I'm just sayin'.

Michelle said...

Thank you, Tony for being so gracious to allow my presence on your blog!

I was tempted to join Twitter the other day... and thought...I just can't! It would be too much! lol...I mean really, who wants to know I'm changing a diaper for the 5th time before 9AM and changing my shirt for the third! I'm pretty boring so my tweets wouldn't be so sweet!

photogr said...

Quite a writer. Enjoy reading her humor.

Tracy said...

Michelle, I feel the same way about Tweets.

Burkulater said...

It took over my crocheting. It's lasted a year. No one misses my crocheting.