Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy very first Give Away!

I'm giving the Guest Blogger Wednesday bus a short hiatus. Everyone is so busy this time 0f year that trying to keep up your own blog can be taxing. Not that there's not a ton of material that surfaces this time of year.

I'm in a giving and appreciative mood today. As a token of said atmosphere, I'm sponsoring my very first give away! What's not to like about free stuff during the holidays?

First, I'm going to bare a tidbit of my soul to you. There have been a number of post on this blog about taste in music...mostly because I think what you listen to says a lot about you. It's just a snapshot, mind you, but nonetheless it does give insight. Music is a common thread in our world and has been said to be the very soul of a society or culture.

So what does Tony C listen to most? Here is a list generated from my work laptop of the 15 most listened to songs (usually at work) on iTunes....

1. My Love is Alive- Steve Winwood
2. Beautiful Loser (Live)- Bob Seger
3. Doctor My Eyes- Jackson Brown
4. I Just Love You- Five for Fighting
5. It's Alright- Traveling Wilburys
6. Back in Love Again- LTD
7. Who's Got the Hooch- Everything
8. Outta My Head- Fastball
9. I Am- Train
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World- Brutha Iz
11. I Go to the Rock- Aaron Jeoffrey
12. King of Glory- Third Day
13. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me- Linda Ronstadt
14. Give Me One Reason- Tracy Chapman
15. 100 Years- Five for Fighting

You can stop laughing now. I must say I was a little shocked myself when this list generated using Smart Playlist...I even went back and checked it a couple of times. Just so you know I'm being completely upfront, here's a snapshot of my screen...

Keep in mind, I actively use a dozen different playlist of the 18 or so created, and I also listen to podcast quite often and...okay...yes, I'm a little embarrassed. I wish the list had more Christian music and less older-than-dirt stuff...but hey...the truth sometimes hurts.

One explanation: The Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is my Serenity Now! song. It gets played when I'm most aggravated and need to lower my blood pressure back to somewhere near 120/80. I'm surprised it wasn't number one...

Now here's you chance. Leave us a short (5 to 10) playlist of your most listened to songs via iPod, iTunes, MP3 player, compilation CD or even cassette. No cheating! We obviously don't judge here at Tony C Today...or you wouldn't be reading this far down. Don't try to make yourself more cultured, hip or cutting edge than you truly are with a fictitious list. Bare it true, bare it all...we can take it.

From the comment list, I will randomly pick (read- have the teenager pick a number between...) someone next Monday to send either a $20 iTunes gift card or a comparable card if you're not an iTunes user.

Have fun sharing with us...and have a safe, wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.


David said...

Who could pass up a gift card? This is from my iPod.

1. Red Dirt Road - Brooks & Dunn
2. Let River Flow - Todd Proctor
3. Praise Adonai - Paul Baloche
4. We Bless the Name - Vineyard Worship
5. Trading my Sorrows - Daryl Evans
6. Tu Nomé Santo (Your Name is Holy) - Vineyard Music Brazil
7. Still Got the Blues - Gary Moore
8. Happy Day - Tim Hughes
9. Hungry - Vineyard
10. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
11. Hop on the Bus - Vineyard
12. Refuge in You - Vineyard

Brooks & Dunn - yikes!
Happy Thanksgiving, Tony.

Brittany N. Howerton said...

Top 25 from my iTunes list at work:
1. "By Faith" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
2. "Hear, O Israel" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
3. "Behold the Lamb" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
4. "All Around the World" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
5. "Every Promise of Your Word" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
6. "Compassion Hymn" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
7. "When Trials Come" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
8. "Creation Sings the Father's Song" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
9. "Still, My Soul, Be Still" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
10. "Benediction" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
11. "What Grace is Mine" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
12. "Donde Esta Yolanda" - Pink Martini
13. "Come, People of the Risen King" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
14. "Amodo Mio" - Pink Martini
15. "Reading: Psalm 57" - Keith & Kristyn Getty
16. "Alive and Running" - Kristian Stanfill
17. "These Words of Mine" - Sarah Reeves
18. "Kingdom" - Kristian Stanfill
19. "Lord of All" - Kristian Stanfill
20. "Be Near" - Shane and Shane
21. "Awaken" - Sarah Reeves
22. "Sweet, Sweet Sound" - Sarah Reeves
23. "Come Save" - Sarah Reeves
24. "Carry Away" - Shane and Shane
25. "Mercy Reigns" - Shane and Shane

I think it's safe to say the entire Keith & Kristyn Getty album "Awaken the Dawn" is amazing and a must-own.
And also safe to say my iTunes list at work is very different from my home computer. I'd be interested to do a comparison... But, alas, the work computer is all I have handy at this time.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Colour My World - Chicago
The Peace Carol (Muppets) - John Denver
All Will Be Well - Gabe Dixon Band
Anticipation - Carly Simon
It Is Well - love the Kutless version
How You Live - Point of Grace
Stand - Rascal Flatts
Somewhere Out There - James Ingram
Viva la Vida - Coldplay
The Story - Brandi Carlile
Traveling Light - Joel Hanson
Bridge Over Troubled Water - S&G

Wow, I'm weird, random, and old.

Michelle said...

AAHHH! I should totally win this out of pity and not a number. I haven't had a "playlist" since Lily was 6 months OLD!! I pulled up my iTunes that hasn't been updated in almost TWO YEARS!!

Most played:
Talk about RANDOM
1. Piece of Me- Britney Spears
2. Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood
3. Ridin'- Chamillionaire
4. Low- Flo-Rida
5. The Blues Man- Hank Williams, Jr.
6. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
7. Sexy Can I- Ray J sorry Tony :(

I need new iTunes... BAD!!!

Burkulater said...

You don't hear enough Tracy Chapmann on the radio? They play that song around here as much as they did when it first came out!

Like the new blog look!

David said...

Wow - home is really different.

-1 Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
-2 Train Kept a Rollin' - Aerosmith.
-3 Hillbilly Deluxe - Brooks & Dunn
-4 Oye Como Va - Santana
-5 Spirit Songs - Christian Harfouche
-6 You Shine - Brian Doerksen
-7 In the Secret - SonicFlood
-8 Those Who trust - Salvador
-9 You Never Let Go - Matt Redman
-10 Jesus Lord of Heaven - Kutless

Dave said...

It's a strange mix of songs, but here you go:

"Changes Come" - Over the Rhine
"Timothy Hay" - Mewithoutyou
"Pacing the Cage" - Bruce Cockburn
"Run to the Hills" - Iron Maiden
"Parting Shot" - Vigilantes of Love
"The Trumpet Child" - Over the Rhine
"Separate Ways" - Journey
"2112" - Rush
"Strange Waters" - Bruce Cockburn
"Shelter from the Storm" - Bob Dylan
"Wide River to Cross" - Buddy Miller
"Goldilox" - King's X
"Scars Remain" - Disciple
"The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie" - Mewithoutyou
"Last Night of the World" - Bruce Cockburn

I told you it was strange. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Tony.

Cheryl said...

Well, I just got my ipod so I don't have much yet. Her is what I have so far.

1. Don't Stop Believin ~ GLEE
2. Come To Jesus ~ Chris Rice
3. Revelation Song ~ Philips Craig & Dean
4. True Colors ~ GLEE Cast
5. Gravity ~ Sara Bareilles

So you can clearly see I am in desperate need of more songs. Thanks for the chance to enter my name into the hat.

Mamakita said...

1.Lay All Your Love On Me - Mama Mia
2.Super Trouper - Mama Mia
3.Gimme Gimme Gimme! - Mama Mia
4.Our Last Summer - Mama Mia
5.Dancing Queen - Mama Mia
6.Honey Honey - Mama Mia
7.Mama Mia - Mama Mia
8.I Have A Dream - Mama Mia
9.Take A Chance On Me - Mama Mia
10. Slipping Through My Fingers

David said...

@Mary Anne - Mama Mia?!?!? I thought it would be Rascal or Wayne. It's like I don't even know you.

the Steadfast Tin soldier said...

Before I retired, I used to listen to two different internet radio stations while I was programming.
This one is pure science fiction: it comes from another world in which a group of plucky capitalists armed with guns and the Holy Book conquered a New World. The music is a weird mix of pop 70's tunes, accordian music and other ephermeral bits. Strange, and yet it was good for coding COM+ to.

the Steadfast Tin soldier said...
The other internet radio I'd listen to is from Santiago, Chile. It's a pretty straight up classical music station.

the Steadfast Tin soldier said...

OMG, they're discussing the Cold War, and specifically our iconic President Reagan, and Gorbachev on!!!

Oh, this is such the Alice in Wonderland radio station.

Rosie said...

Tony, just read this post. Too funny...Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Izzy is also on my favorites playlist. Just love his voice and the simplicity of that version. LOL