Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle 1970

The New Energy Bible
1st Edition cost $20

I really didn't want to start the Love Month with a scathing rant about New Agers and their straight from Fantasyland psychobabble message that 'it's a small world, after all' only if you want it that way because YOU control the universe...but what the we go.

In the event someone, somewhere reading this post thinks- 'this crap is just too wacky to actually be real,' I've created a link that goes straight to The New Energy Bible web page. Read for yourself and discover people are paying $20 plus shipping and handling for a bible/book that contains 238 pages on which the first and only the first page contains the words 'You Are God Also.' The remaining 237 pages are blank...that's right...blank pages.

Why? One may ask...what's the point? You, my friend, by asking this question are very astute, in tuned... or is it aligned...maybe aware...enlightened...that's it...enlightened! You are an enlightened being ready for the mothership. The pages are blank 'because no man, woman, or church can ever tell you how to live.'

New Age in a nutshell...complete with the nuts.

Here's a much better offer. Send me your address via email, and I'll send you a real Book of Wisdom absolutely strings attached. It's the Book that will change your life here and now...and also make an eternal difference.

One disclaimer...the Book has already been written, canonized and followed for thousands of years by billions of there aren't any blank pages for you to amend in your own thoughts and rules...sorry.


K-Dogg said...

wow, i never heard of that one. i imagine that it will sell like hot cakes though. that sounds like something Oprah would rave about... maybe even dedicate a few shows to it, and hand free copies out to her audience.

Z said...

It DOES sound like something Oprah would rave about...sad. If she'd rave about it,you KNOW it's nutso.
Scary times, for sure.
Super blog piece, Tony! We have to be informed on this combat it somehow!
(let meknow when you figure out HOW) blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

You seem rather shallow and close-minded. This is but one book in a multitude of New Age books. I'm positive I could find an equally ridiculous example published in the name of christianity.

Live and let live. Stop being so angry at people who don't believe a man nailed to a cross by his own people will save everyone from a tortmenting death in a place create by his father. The blank pages don't look so bad now.

Mike said...


Sounds like somebody needs to look in the mirror. What sounds more feasible, we're in control of our own path or some being unseen and unheard is running everything?

I agree with live and let live!

Ian said...

Wasn't Christ about love?

I don't feel a lot of love from your blog, just bashing.

Visit and pick out music that might help reduce your irritation with New Age.


Anonymous said...

Christians are so self-righteous

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

What a crock. I clicked the link, and for a person and a book that's supposed to be helpful, this is the least helpful product ever! If people could find the answers within themselves, they wouldn't need Tobias, whoever he is, to tell them so.

And another thing, how do New Agers decide that Revelation is useful, but not the rest of the Bible?

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Wow, I just scanned the comments. How did you attract so many haters?

Of course, because you have opinions, and you feel your opinions are right, you are 'closed-minded.'

Tony C said...

Just the tip of the iceberg Matt. I get way more emails than posted comments. I guess calling the email folks out a few post back brought a few of the braver ones to the discussion.

I welcome all comments as long as they're not too offensive (I've only deleted two) or vulgar. I will delete those. If you just disagree and state your problem.

I've got a post coming on Oprah soon, so I may be forced

I leave with all of recorded history, there has never been an instance of something being formed from absolutely nothing. Manifest that.

David said...

It is amazing that someone in this very messed up world, having 6,000+ years to get it right, would think that they could some how find goodness in themselves. They should have known when page 12 was blank.

Things are getting worse since we kicked prayer out of school, took Christ out of Christmas and decided to just try to be tolerant and get along. Relationships are failing at alarming rates without commitment of any kind.

I am sorry, it isn't working. How do I know? By the amount of antidepressants people are gulping down as they look for significance in shallow and trendy philosophies.

Sure Oprah has peace, she is loaded and worked hard for it. Rich folks have always had a hard time finding God.

But for the average Joe, things are tough, and a church without love is just more noise. People are not looking for "I like you love," but the kind that says, "I am there for you no matter what you believe, no matter how you hurt, and no matter what it takes."

I also think that it's funny folks believe that anti-Christ is going to be overtly wicked like Hitler. He's going to be a nice guy that believes in every religion and brings peace to the nations to get to the top. Just wait and see.

C'mon Christians, we have the chance to show the world the difference between Jesus, and everything else.

katdish said...

"I also think that it's funny folks believe that anti-Christ is going to be overtly wicked like Hitler. He's going to be a nice guy that believes in every religion and brings peace to the nations to get to the top. Just wait and see."

Hmmm.....Joel Osteen is nice. Okay, I gotta get off my PG rant before my friends try to do an intervention on me again.

"I never answer anonymous letters."

-Yogi Berra

Twenty bucks seems a bit steep for a glorified writing tablet.

AtlantaMama said...

wow tony. i don't know what to say other than I am so glad that you are here to SHINE a light of TRUTH on this crap. It is crap. It's really a lie from Hell. thanks for sharing what you found out of this new book.