Friday, February 27, 2009

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye- Steam 1969

I'm sure you've noticed things have been a little slow this week...seems that way across the entire blogosphere. Maybe the economic slowdown has had a trickle down effect on musing and colorful commentaries, or maybe I just needed to fill a little more space...we may never know. are in for a treat. In honor of one of my favorite blogger's 300th post, I'm linking to Lulaville (just click on her header image). If you are not a reader of the should be! She is often feisty and always funny.

My Friday gift to you...enjoy:

Happy 300th Lula...I'm looking forward to the next 300.

The song commemorates the ending of the 'Love Month'...(small tear)...I'm really a romantic at heart.


Lula! said...

OK, so I'm honored and flattered and feeling the love and can you do this to your readers, Tony?

Thank God you know I love Jesus and I'm not some psycho. Sigh...

No, really...thanks. You rock!

Z said...

very fun blog, and nice of you to link to a friend there, Tony!!