Friday, January 30, 2009

Look what Mel Gibson went and started...

Yesterday was my Love's birthday. The day is always one of my favorite because she still genuinely gets excited about her anniversary of another trip around the sun...just one of the many things I love about my wife.

One of her two presents this year was the newly released Fireproof DVD, and since her b-day this year coincided with our weekly Thursday 'date night' (and Grey's Anatomy wasn't new), we piled onto the couch and started spinning the disk.

Wow. This is a great movie! Okay, I'll admit I eased reluctantly into watching this and made more than one crack about the less-than-stellar acting, but by the end of the flick...yep...I was streaming tears and rejoicing. Hey, I double dog dare you to watch this movie and not weep at least a little. Can't be done.

If you're married, watch this movie with your spouse (even if it requires a guilt trip to get him to do so...aaahhhemmm). If you are engaged to be married, watch this with your fiance. If you are dating...well...just watch it people!

Don't get wrapped around the acting of the mostly volunteer cast. At the heart of this ministry film by Sherwood Pictures (same people who made Facing the Giants) is a fantastic story about what really makes any relationship work. I'm not going to get into the plot or storyline because I want you to WATCH THE MOVIE!

It so pleases me to see a small budget ($500,000) Christian film succeed. The day before the DVD released, the film had a domestic gross over $33 million. God is truly blessing a wonderful ministry not afraid to take on the secular film industry. Last will not regret watching this movie.

And just so you don't think I'm a cheap skate...her other present was jewelry.


katdish said...

So...basically you're saying that you would recommend the movie? said...

Good movie...I would recommend it too.

Lula! said...

We have been wanting to see this...we're staying at The Carnegie for Valentine's day and I so wish our room there had a DVD player so we could watch then. Wouldn't that be all romantic???

David said...

I'll be picking up a copy for Valentine's Day. I hope you're right!

Z said...

Great idea about Valentine's day, David! Maybe I"ll do that...our Christian bookstore's got them at a good price, from what I hear!

Thanks, Tony!! Great idea.
Happy Birthday, Mrs C! xxx