Thursday, February 19, 2009

Street Fighting Man- Rolling Stones 1968

I'm about to say something that's contradictory behavior for someone who takes great effort at being a living acronym (WWJD) mom, please stop reading now.

I would like to meet...just once...regardless of the circumstances that must transpire in order for me to be face to face with...the single person responsible for more turpitude and anguish on more people... more than any other person in human history with the exception of Hitler, and maybe Caligula...I would like to meet this person.

I would like to meet...for completely selfish, self-serving reasons...the one person that has caused near everyone, from saintly Sunday School teachers to heinous perpetrators, cursing tirades at a common aggravating appliance bonding most of our lives together.

I would like to meet...with complete understanding of all consequence to follow...the person so ostentatiously arrogant... as to completely infiltrate and destroy our routine intentions of honor and productivity (and throw in some entertainment)... for his sheer purpose of grandstanding and profiteering.

I would like to meet...

I'd punch him square in the mouth.

Yes...I'd be making some new friends at local lock-up and then even more upon reaching my new abode at the Big House...but I'd be the hero of millions. My 15 minutes of fame turned 15 to 20 years with good behavior would be well worth the satisfaction of knowing... I, Tony C Today, was the Rosa Parks of ultimate-geek pummeling.

Maybe I'd get a new operating system named after that doesn't crash every time a non-Microsoft product is plugged into the computer.

Attila the Hun didn't rule this ruthlessly over his empire.


David said...

I doubt that crucifixion would be suitable enough punishment for a man that has caused more pain and suffering to mankind than the sum total of every non-God-fearing leader to set foot on the planet.

I have No Sympathy for the Devil.

Tony C said...'re good at this song title thing. I love that title for this blog.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Careful TCT. The one upon who you wish to inflict bodily harm is indeed saddled with the label of geek. But you run the risk of alienating yourself from the very ones that will alievate your cyberspace sickness. These are the ones known as the "Geek Sqad". These are the "horned rim" wearing, "pocket saver" toting masters of the www. universe.

Rosie said...

Geeks are great. They are just very good at the Monopoly game. I have always disliked Monopoly because I have never met a Monopoly winner who did not cheat.
That is why it is sooooo important to become your own independent geek. This working toward geekness chick is considering going to the Dark Side the next time she purchases a computer. The sin inflicting Apple.

David aka Johnny Rocket said...

Hey Tony, I enjoy the humor, the topics, the political bent... I am also a geeky pocket protected programmer and I have created eggs for the "Billion Dollar Baby" in my software.

But my Guitar Gently Weeps... and so does my wife. She had me put a door on my studio.

I worked at an FM (steely Dan) radio station for a long time spinin' oldies. Music trivia was part of the program.

And I don't remember much about the 60's. As the saying goes, "if you remember the 60', you weren't there. :o0

I'll be looking for the next time you Whip It Up; just be sure to do it good.

Keep On Rockin'.

A Young American said...

The sad part is, I could sing most of these songs. I was born 30 years too late! I don't know what I'd do without Microsoft Word and Onenote, but I'm growing disenchanted with the PC.

Burkulater said...

That's why we got a Mac.

Z said...

Gates. Ptui

SoldiersBaby08 said...

I think that I'd probably join in. It kinda goes along with my recent blog, in a round about way. Sad, sad world.

katdish said...

Ah, Tony! Why ya gotta be hating on Bill Gates? He's a legend in his own mind!

Here's my favorite quote from him: Before he was married, an interviewer asked him if he was concerned that a woman might want to marry him for his money. His reply?

"Of course not! I would never date anyone stupid enough to think they would get my money."

Such object humility is a rare commodity.

wv: destork - the action of taking the new baby sign out of your front yard.

Amy said...

Dude, get a Mac! You will never have to hate on BG again.