Monday, February 16, 2009

Dream Weaver- Gary Wright 1976

I'm really trying to follow words of wisdom from George Bush I and be a 'kinder, gentler' blogger, but it just doesn't seem to be in me. Anyone who could write a blog about their dear beloved grandmother and still manage sarcasm and a contemptuous's just inconceivable and shameful...and shamed I am. My defense is lame, but one I'm sure anyone not living in an isolated cave somewhere can probably relate. It's the blasted mainstream media making me jaded and mean!

Remember, I've resolved to receive my daily news from a source other than Yahoo's main page, which also happens to be my browser home page. ask? Well, it seems scientist have dubbed us 'creatures of habit,' and no amount of pharmaceutical therapy or self-help workbooks will ever change what we deal with it! You are what you are...or it is what it is...or you can't teach an old dog...for Pete's sake... or whatever in the cliche handbook fits best here!

See what I mean. Just the simplest task of elementary sentence formation sets me off these days. What have I become...what have I become. It all started with talk radio some years back. You see, I was in perfect bliss cruising year after year on this rock around the sun watching the evening news with Dan Rather or reading the USA Today for my national and world news. Occasionally, I would pompously venture out to more grandiose sources like MacNeil/Lerner and the Wall Street Journal, but I found the shortage of commercialization unsettling and the information overly concentrated. After all, CBS was always there to say...

But I digress...

Finally the awakening occurred..a metamorphoses of informational processing. The genesis was talk radio. The Rush rush of the 1990's was parlayed with easier access to the information superhighway or world wide web created by fellow Tennessean Al Gore. Soon, I was discovering that maybe Dan Rather wasn't so forthright with his information and underneath the veil of assumed integrity surrounding the main stream media was a hidden lie to the American people about virtually everything.

Thank you Rush, Sean, and you sick, twisted freak Glenn. Thank you Red State Update, Drudge Report and My eyes are now opened. My bomb shelter is nearly finished. My family is better prepared for the certain national armageddon on the horizon with a bla... I mean Democrat/liberal president in the White House. I'm no longer an injudicious follower of the bogus mainstream media. Free at last, free at wait...that might sound too liberal. My chains's too churchy. Ann Coulter is my hero and the greatest author of our time! Yeah, that sounds about right. She's such a nice lady and completely understated.

Many of you with the sharpest deductive reasoning skills might have noted the irony of my blog being called Tony C Today. In honor of the USA Today...which could just as easily be called News Lite in Color...I named my blog and try to fall in the, follow in the footsteps...that sounds stupid...oh $@&% and >#%*?...great! There goes my stinkin' blood pressure! Why is English so flipping difficult! Spanish isn't that...gasp...please forgive me for even thinking that.

Oh well, I need to go work in my Be A Less Cynical You in 30 Days workbook anyway. Have a nice day everyone. I feel so much calmer remembering I'm conservative.


Jennifer Cobb said...

Hey mister! I'm a Spanish major! ;) And it's definitely easier than English. Haha.

Rosie said...

Want your blood pressure to go up just a bit higher? Read - "Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News" by Bernard Goldberg. You will never sleep good again.

Z said...

I scanned your post cuz I'm in a hurry, but DREAM WEAVER? metaphorically!? ironically?

Prompts this story, though: I was invited to his wedding..worst story ever: I knew George Harrison might come but thought "naaa..he's not coming to a small wedding.."

Ya, Z didn't go. George DID.

(I knew his now wife, Gary's that is..never DID meet Gary.........OR GEORGE! I SCREECHED when I heard George had gone..that'll teach us all not to NOT attend a wedding you RSVP'd yes for..WELL, I was single and dumb and tired that day!)

I missed the tie-in...did I scan too fast?

Tony C said...

Hey Z. That's a great story. Meeting Gary would be cool...but one of the FAB FOUR! I have a similar near-miss dinner story with Emmitt Smith.

Of course, I'm poking fun at the masses that blindly 'climb aboard the dream weaver train' called the mass media, but we (as conservatives)do the very same thing when it comes to talk radio and controversial conservative writers.

We must never lose the ability to discern actual news from what I call 'news-r-tanment'. Controversy and confrontation get people to listen like a car wreck makes you stop and look. Once you're captivated...the marketing begins. Radio, television and newspaper are all about advertising.

I personally know someone who hangs on every word Michael Savage says and that's dangerous. People need to think for themselves and not follow anyone blindly. It isn't just the main stream media with an agenda.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I'll second Bernie Goldberg's book. He's also got a second one out now by a hilarious title.

I'm not sure I'd call Ann Coulter 'understated,' but she is a nice lady. :)

Z said...

Hi, Tony..I had a feeling that's what you meant about DREAM WEAVER! Good one.

You're right...we have to think for ourselves but it helps to have people who have facts our media's not telling us!

I'm just now listening to some woman blogger in Seattle who's a conservative and she's saying we have to blog but it's better people get together, face to face...then start ACTING against what's going on.

I'm trying to listen for her blog, she's on Laura Ingraham right now.
She's saying her friends dropped her for not respecting their liberal views but that 3 other Republicans came out of the closet from her theater gruop after she DID come out. We have to organize!!

David said...

I am glad to be conservative. Even more so I like to think for myself. That's why I got tossed from Yahoo answers.

What would it take to get jobs back in America? Nah...

But I don't think you're sarcastic, you Love is Alive.

A Young American said...

getting people to laugh is the best way to put them off their guard so you can hit 'em with the truth. Right between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

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