Monday, December 29, 2008

These things never happen to me....

I'm a Christmas-crime victim! That's right...I've been bamboozled, burned, preyed on...egad!

My lovely, thoughtful wife gave me a car stereo for Christmas this year. She's always dead on like that with gifts for me. I've fumbled around trying to rig my stock radio to take an input from my no avail. So, she saves me the aggrevation and gets me a Sony that accepts and controls not only my iPod, but also comes with a USB port on the front. I'm not sure what I'm plugging in there yet, but it'll be cool when I figure it out.

See how easy it is for guys to digress when talking about electronics. Anyway, I took my new stereo and car to an unnamed electronics store (initials CC) for installation Sunday morning before church. 'No problem,' they said, 'we'll put it right in for you.' My wife's premonition is also dead on when it comes to my preceived electronics installation skills and the actual facts of the matter, so she made sure installation was included. At this point, I'm pretty ecstatic knowing my Monday morning commute to work will be booming with Big Daddy Weave or maybe the latest podcast from the Economist (yeah right) straight from my iPod. Awesome! I have to admit, more than once during the sermon Sunday morning, my thoughts drifted to the new, blue glow of knobs and buttons akin to something on the main panel on the Space Shuttle Endeavor...

Houston: TC1, we need you to fade 4 clicks from rear to front speakers.
TC1: Roger that Houston.
Houston: TC1, we're detecting the db levels to be deficient lower tone volume. Could you adjust plus 4 to compensate?
TC1: Adjusting now Houston. Affirmative, that's much better here.
Houston: Roger that TC1. BDW is 5 by 5 by our board.

My excitement continued to build as we pushed through the masses and formalities of Sunday morning post-worship pleasantries. Time was wasting. I had a manual to read. Buttons to push...Get the kids honey, I'll meet you in the car!

But as we pulled into the parking lot of Circ...I mean the unnamed, fore-mentioned electronic store, I was greeted with the harrowing sight left by criminals who had pryed open my passenger side door with a crowbar to get inside. Shock and awe are only words I tell you...only words.

The technicians inside had little to no explanation. My car had only been outside for a little more than an hour according to them. The only thing missing...the new stereo's box that had THE OLD STEREO INSIDE... HA! You got nothing my friend! Nothing! In haste, the thief had left a gift card, change in my ashtray, my Bible (which I forgotten to get out for church), and the new stereo installed in the dash.

My commute this morning was filled with the smell of fresh ozone and sounds of melody streaming from my wonderful Christmas gift. It will be even more enjoyable when I get the 2 inch gaping hole fixed in the frame of the passenger side door that completely destroys the sound integrity of the cabin. Well, at least I know what riding in a stage coach must have sounded like.

Crook should have taken my Bible. I have several and it might have done him some good.


Alicia said...

Hey Tony! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had no idea I even had a "writing style." LOL!

By the way, what link were you referring to? You got me curious!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

That's kind of awesome that the dude left your new stereo. And it's kind of unexplainable how CC isn't liable for protecting your property. Between my brother and I, we've had THREE post market stereos stolen. (One was in a mechanic's parking lot overnight - no liability on their part.) If that thing has a faceplate, be sure to remove it whenever you leave the car - its like a magnet for thieves. Other than that, have fun!

David said...

Funny as usual. Reading thee because you're not keeping u my freind.

Someone stole my faceplate once. He's dead when I catch him. I hope he like the smell of gun powder at whatever time of day it is 'til I catch up with him.