Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I resolute to stick to my resolutions...again.

How does this happen? New Years Eve television goes from classy to brassy.

Okay, I weigh more than I did this time last year. No, I didn't start the book I plan to write. Exercise more? Eat better? No and no.

Wait! I did learn more of a foreign language watching Handy Manny and Dora the Explorer with my 1 year old. But...does Spanish really count?

Why can't we keep resolutions? A better question is why do we bother making resolutions we know we aren't going to keep? Albert Einstein defined insanity as 'doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.' Sound familiar? I've got a pretty good feeling I'm not alone...breaking resolutions has become...cliché.

But not this year (don't roll your eyes at me!). This time I mean it. Absolutely. I'll wear my Lance Armstrong 'Be Strong' armband thingy to remind me. Don't give up. Stay the course. Winners never quit and so on.

Wow, resolutions really are cliché. I'd better go take my crazy pills now.

Happy New Years everyone. Be safe and God bless.


Z said...

Happy New Year, Tony!

I had to laugh at Brooke's comment at Paleocon (on my blogroll in case you're not familiar with her wonderful blog, I forget if she knows your blog yet or not?)

She said she heard the Clintons have been selected to DROP THE BALL this year and that Brooke "couldn't have said it better herself!" HILARIOUS, huh!?

have a great night and a GREAT 2009! (Please, God!)

Anonymous said...

You can do it! *chuckles* I am currently debating if I even share my New Year's resolutions this year. Ack!

God Bless you and yours as well, mi amigo *wink*

JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America stopped by today said...

Happy New Year, Tony!

Tasha Via said...

Happy New Year. One of my keep my resolutions this year too=)

Burkulater said...

Diligence is one the hardest things for me. I can totally relate to this. Baby steps, baby steps...