Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joseph wasn't wearing Under Armour...

These guys didn't make the cut this year.

We completed a successful Live Nativity Drive Thru at church this past Sunday night. Although our main focus was bringing glory to God through our efforts, I want to add we had some real troopers this year. The weather took a nasty turn Saturday from mild and damp to windy and frigid. Temperatures plummeted into the upper teens by sundown with windchill in single digits. Ouch. Folks, it was cold in Tennessee!

A wonderful team effort brought everything together rather hastily on Saturday and Sunday afternoons after days of rain. We even managed a real miniature horse, playing a donkey, in the Mary and Joseph travelling scene. Academy Award winning stuff by Apple Jack.

There were 6 scenes in all with the grand finale being the manger scene (wow, am I a producer/director or what...genius!). Cookies and hot chocolate/coffee finished the tour for each car load with an invite to our candlelight service tonight and Sunday morning worship service. Several 'long-missing' church members driving through said they'd try to make it (eye roll).

The fellowship was tremendous, the experience a real blessing. Very few times did I even realize it was so cold. I don't deserve the gift God gave me over 2000 years ago. Shoot, I don't even deserve the church family he blesses me with today...but I'm most thankful for both.

BTW...there were no riots. We must have done something wrong...maybe next year.

Merry Christmas everyone...may God's smile fill your heart with warmth.


Z said...

TONY! I am SO sorry I didn't get over here to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and I hope you had a great one!

We have a display in Santa Monica here on the ocean bluffs where they actually ALLOW about 10 churches to have 'scenes' from Jesus's life...We still can't believe a secular city like THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF SANTA MONICA (as many call it) allows it..!!

It was fun.........and NOT SO COLD!

All the best, and happy new year, too!!

Stuart Maughan said...

Great blog, and Profile. Keep your spiritual head on straight. A prophet once said; As man is God once was and as God is man may become.... This makes sense if you really believe that we are the children of God.