Monday, August 8, 2011

Well there you have it…the delicate genius says there’s no God.



One of my favorite times of the day is just after Baby C wakes up. She will contently lie in her crib playing with her feet or favorite stuffed animal and babble or hum in the most adorable way. Mrs. Tony C and I will often take it all in via the baby monitor from our bedroom consumed by the pride and satisfaction of the wonderful creation we have managed. Aren’t we so special…

Well, actually we’re not…according to Stephen Hawking.

Call it inquisition, self-induced aggravation or just plan geekdome, but I’m drawn to shows on the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel. I guess it’s that whole scorpion and the frog anecdote…it’s just my nature...I’m sorry.

So, I spent part of my Sunday night watching a new series on the Science Channel called Curiosity. Ironic. The first episode promised to answer the question- Did God create the universe? which to me was obviously a rhetorical question.

Apparently Hawking didn’t get that memo.

Accounting for skipped commercials (yes, it was recorded), I watched and listened for the better part of 40 minutes while the mostly narrated words of the famous physicist explained how the entire universe from the very creation could be explained using the existing laws of nature. His conclusion, however, was the most compelling (Spoiler alert! In case you’re watching later).

According to Hawking since time didn’t exist until the Big Bang that created our universe, there was in fact no time for God to exist within…therefore, there is no God.

(cricket noises)

(Hand raised) Excuse me…I have just a few questions Dr. Hawking.

I found it very convenient how you quickly summed up the problem in your theory of something being created from nothing as a complex issue of quantum physics. Since matter is merely energy at, shall we say a slower pace, all that was needed was energy and space to create all the matter we see today. But where did the energy and space originate? In all of recorded science, there is not a single know source of infinite energy…discounting the human soul of course. 

On the issue of the bang in the aforementioned Big Bang, if only energy and space existed before the singularity that created all we see today and time came into existence at that moment, doesn’t that negate your hero Einstein's theory of relativity since the speed of light squared is a matter of time and distance? Did I miss that explanation?

Last one. Since Newton’s Laws of Motion are also a fundamental building block of your conclusion, where did the external force or push to get the cosmic ball rolling originate? Granted my knowledge concerning Newton’s brilliant theory is approaching the very limit of my formal education in physics, but according to you, these laws can’t be broken…ever…so I’m having a hard time reconciling how F=ma when there is neither mass nor acceleration (element of time) in your pre-Big Bang theory, and even most grade school kids understand the swing just won’t go without the F (force). 

Maybe it’s me…but this all looks and sounds a lot like another very misleading theory being sold by a snake about an apple a long time ago…without the fancy graphics and reenactments of history.

I guess it all boils down to faith no matter how you try to explain how the universe began. Sorry Steve…your theories and equations require far too much for me. I’ll just stick with what I know.


Jeff said...

I would love to be there when he meets the Creator. Mainly because that would mean I would be there too and would be HOME.

Mark Johnson said...

Let’s not forget that the “smartest” people have been wrong before. Previously, the most learned and brilliant scientists of the day made a matter of fact pronouncement to the world. And, in short order, a majority of people began “knowing” it to be truth and then teaching it as scientific fact. The decree from the smartest people of that era? Earth is most certainly flat.

Dave said...

I watched this yesterday as well and became progressively more angry as the show went on. As intelligent as SH is when it comes to physics and math, his logic was incredibly flawed and his assumptions were based more on his faith in his own pressupositions than fact.

I found his agrument that the universe burst forth from nothing on it's own becasue energy and negative energy balance out and therefore there was no need for God to exist to be utterly ridiculous.

David-FireAndGrace said...

I have another question, My Hawking: When you get to the end of the universe, what's on the other side of the wall?

I grew up on the Yale campus where this theoretical science was the rage. My mother and I bought it hook line and sinker... well until we met Jesus, and in an instant we saw the truth.