Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Truth isn't found half way between right and wrong...

Friends...I've got to admit I'm in a complete state of both shock and disgust.

I tried to catch a little of the national evening news before church last night. Rarely do I look at the local newspaper or watch the local television news because it's just so laden with what I call 'blodder news.' More on that in a moment.

One of the lead stories last night was about the international federal roundup of a group of cyber-child porn freaks. The largest in our country's history. I couldn't help but think to myself watching the can run, but you can't hide scumbags. Since I was pressed for time, I made sure the rest of the news was spinning to the DVR to watch later and headed to church.

A very close friend of mine after the service inquired if I'd seen the news about someone we both knew. I had heard he was in the custody of federal officials, but what he showed me next was...well...very distressing. The man in question was actually one of the 52 people arrested in connection with the national story I had watched just hours prior. It was a local news story. All I could think can that be?

This man (I use that term strictly in the biological sense) was a local police office. Smart. Mannerly. Not a guy you would ever associate with such a heinous crime. Yet, he was one of 72 people worldwide federal investigators were accusing of perpetrating a child pornography distribution ring on the internet. Unbelievable.

When I got home and pulled up the local story to read, it directed to the national story that was also on all the news stations. Folks. I'm not naive. I know we live in a dark, sinful world. But the things I  read on the national media story truly made me sick to my stomach. I stopped reading and closed my eyes in prayer. I desperately needed the warm love of my Father to counter the ice running through my veins. 

I've written about yet another guy I know in prison today for similar atrocities.Many of us who know him are still in complete disbelief about his revelation over 2 years ago. My point isn't to counter what I said in that post...because to God...sin is sin. We all are guilty and deserve death, but by grace we can overcome that death. In return, we are expected to love one another...sins and all. Even with that knowledge deeply rooted in my core belief system, I still find myself consumed with anger by the facts presented in yesterday's story. My mind struggles but fails to fully comprehend the details I read. Finally, a mental image of Satan laughing at it all causes me to pray once more. This is the fallen world we live in due to sin...

The Casey Anthony story didn't catch my attention like it did the rest of the nation. Yes. The story is very tragic on a number of levels. Even so, it grossly fails in comparison to a group of people dedicated to facilitating themselves and others who participate in the intentional harming of children, from babies to teenagers, in sexual ways impossible for any normal, rational human being to understand. All to gratify and promote their own demented urges. Freaks who take pleasure in watching actual living, breathing kids being tortured for their entertainment.

And I personally know one of them...

I came very close to not writing this post today. I'm both saddened and embarrassed to know both people I've mentioned. Dread hovers over me like a dark cloud wondering if there will be another surprise in the future along these lines. A small part of my faith waivers as I grapple with thoughts of vengeance...which leads to even more feelings of shame. Again...I must stop to pray.

Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.   Romans 12:19

Honestly...I'm struggling today in the WWJD way my friends...and just needed an ear. 


Michelle said...

So many things come to my mind when I read this...1. I apparently need to find the time to read the paper that comes in my box since this is local and I haven't a clue.

I, too, am sickened by any form of child abuse, be it sexual or physical. I can't help but think though, I am what I am by the grace of God. Paul...the man who killed Chrisitans knew his only righteousness was in Christ and any good in him came from God. Anytime I read in the paper of another baby dying at the hands of a parent (as I did recently) I'm so tempted to think, and often do, "just how could you so brutally harm a baby?!" But then I remember, I am what I am by the grace of God. It is His holy hand that holds me back from being just as heinous as the next person for there is no good in me alone.

I understand your frustrations and your need to "vent"...I feel the same way. I believe, however, we should never forget our own depravity and the penalty of our own thoughts and deeds are just the same. I know I've thought things in the past, present, and I'm sure future that I would never want brought out into the public eye...and then to know that God Himself sees my thoughts!

Being a child who has been at the receiving end of abuse, I cannot hate my abusers. I can only understand their fallen nature and know that God has a plan for all things and He uses all things for His own purpose. I mean, hey, the most terrible act innocent, perfect man was put to death because of our sins, because of our inability to worship and love God the way we were created to...and that terrible, horrific crucifixion was His plan all along.

Just think...the men that we read about in the papers...their sin may already be payed for by Him and He's already taken that wrath that God was dishing out.

Tony C said...

Excellent points Michelle. I think we are all guilty of categorizing sin into this is bad...but this one is waaaaay bad. We know in our hearts it doesn't work that way.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Tony, people make bad choices in life all the time. Sure, it seems that ones that hurt children are the worst. I know people that have done these particular sins, and I feel sad too. I am sure there are also people in my life that are saddened by my sins.

Sin always hurts, even the ones that seem to be small. If they are ours, it becomes easy for the to be perpetrated on our own children - but so can blessings.

Be blessings, Tony. That is all you can do. BE angry at sin that hurts others, it is OK. When God says " vengeance is mine." you'll see what anger toward sin is!