Monday, May 17, 2010

Stop Comedy Central from making an offensive show about Jesus!

I've got two words for the folks at Comedy Central...that's enough!

According to the Washington Post, Comedy Central is developing the premise for a Fall show that will depict Jesus as unhappy in Heaven because His Father has grown apathetic, so He leaves and gets an apartment in New York City.

Seriously...this is funny to some people.

Keep in mind these are the same Comedy Central execs that cowered under to Muslim threats over showing the image of Muhammad on the show South Park and censored episodes by placing a black box over his image anytime his character appeared.

So apparently it's okay to offend Christians but not Muslims.

A cartoon character of Jesus has appeared on several episodes of South Park, usually in a profane or irreverent manner. One older episode has Jesus with a talk show trying to make it big a' la Jerry Springer style. Despicable.

Do you know why the most holy and reverent symbols of the Christian faith continue to be used in desecrating manners again and again for the amusement of non-Christians?

Because we let them. I say enough is enough...

It's time we banned together to be heard as one voice.'s way past time. If Christians stand idly by and allow our Father and Savior to be reduced to cartooned entertainment in the most blasphemous ways and broadcast across the nation, we have truly given up the Kingdom. The time has come to be an activist for God! He doesn't need us to fight His battles...granted, but how can we in good conscience watch our faith be openly ridiculed and mocked and do nothing!

In this age of political correctness, how about us? We live, work, shop and worship in this country too. Why are Christians not considered when it comes to offensive materials or speech?

Because...we've become complacent and lazy! Apathetic and cold! We've slid quietly into the night as the world continues to party around us crippled by our own inability to cooperate or coordinate due to possible inconsequential issues of theology. Catholics and Protestants. Evangelicals and Fundamentalist. Baptist and Methodist. All Christians. We worship God as our Creator and Jesus as our Savior. How can we possibly sit out these battles knowing we will one day come face to face with God Almighty and look upon Christ who sacrificed so much for us?

I've started a Facebook Group called Stop Comedy Central's Offensive Show About Jesus! If Facebook generates enough clout to have Betty White host SNL, I'm sure we can keep a piece of trash show from ever making it to airing. Get the word out. Start a petition at your church. Write Viacom (Comedy Central's parent company) and let them know how you feel. Blog, tweet, status update, email, IM, text, call...GET INVOLVED!

If you truly believe what you claim to believe...isn't that worth standing up for Christian?


David said...

Wow - you are wound up. Good. As Christians we are the ones that should be setting the cultural standards. Instead it seems that we have started our own genre.

Z said...

I won't do Facebook but I sure am behind you 1000%.

Then, let's start a show of our own about MOHAMMED, OKAY? :-) How long would THAT IDEA LAST? How many would die?

Tracy said...

I agree with your premise and even went over to FB and found the group. I'm embarrassed to admit this but...I couldn't figure out how to "join" the group on FB.

David said...

@Tracy - Tony gives free geek lessons, he's a pro.

Anonymous said...

Angry Christians at it again. Don't you grow tired of beating your war drums?

Helen said...

@Tont Could you please provide the facebook link? Thanks. I'll be sure to tweet it and post it on my fb status.

@Anonymous Yes, I get tired from fighting the fight. But what can I do when someone I LOVE is being ridiculed? Would you allow someone to ridicule your mother, brother, dad or spouse? How can Tony or any of us sit back and allow He who saved us to be ridiculed without taking a stand?