Monday, May 3, 2010

I'll take a '40 days/40 nights raincoat' from L.L. Bean, XXL, in seafoam...

Last week, a friend of mine with very different theological views made a comment that I must be excited that Noah's ark was discovered...again.

I will admit that the story of Noah has been a favorite since early childhood. Maybe it's all the animals, the construction of a huge boat, or the fact that water wiped out every living thing save Noah and gang. Maybe it's all those things...but whatever the draw...Noah's plight in an awesome story.

Much like Iron Man (another childhood favorite), I've waited for years for a good movie about Noah's ark. Marvel finally delivered on my favorite Avenger with an awesome first movie. I'll get back to you on the sequel after it debuts this Friday. So where's a flick about Noah? He's a superhero know. Don't even give me that Jon Voight made-for-television movie or Evan Almighty either. A biblical Patriarch deserves at least an A-list actor to portray him in order to be considered a great movie (think younger Charlton Heston or even Tom Hanks).

With today's CGI, THX and XYZ technology, I have no doubt Hollywood could turn out an 'Avatar' quality picture without harm coming to a single animal. Sure, everyone knows the end of the story...but the same is true of Titanic and look at the records that movie broke and awards it won! So you've got a proven winning formula with a big boat and lots of water...mix in a good dose of drama, romance and action...throw in some Divine intervention, L.L. Bean product endorsement opportunities (they truly do make the best rain gear), trim off at least 45 minutes...walla! Blockbuster!

The action figure and accessories potential alone could be a fortune.

Of course, my friend was going in a completely different direction than my IMAX imagination. He thought I'd be happy about Noah's ark being discovered...again...because it would be physical prove validating a story from God's Word. When I explained to him I didn't need any type of proof to validate the Bible for my sake, he was quite perplexed.

If it is actually Noah's ark, won't that bring more people to believe the way you believe?

I don't think my response that if someone needs that type of evidence to believe in God, then they've already missed the boat was exactly what he was looking for in an answer.


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Things that could go terribly wrong in a movie about Noah:
1)Poorly done facial hair.
2)Are there dinosaurs? Because, they're probably a little too big. But come on, you know everybody wants to see some velociraptors.
3)Actually portraying that whole caught naked by son thing. I mean, that's just awkward.
4)Zebras are just adorable, and might steal the focus of the movie if included. But how could they be left out? Then everyone would leave the theater going "well, sure it seemed realistic, but where were the zebras?"

p.s.~ I loved two lines in Evan Almighty so much that I used them in my Sunday School lessons. Reaching God through Steve Carrell - happens more than you think.
p.p.s.~ Someone discovered Noah's ark? Now that's some mighty long lasting wood.

Deorsay said...

I agree, Tony. If you need to wait to see some sort of physical evidence that God exists then he has definitely missed the boat. We can't blame our existence on the Big Bang Theory. God is in our entire existence and is very evident.

Michelle said...

Whuuut! Steve Carrell is totally and A-lister! Come on! :D

Tracy said...

I'm with you Tony, concerning both the movie and the lack of need for physical evidence.

I am pleased with a few Bible movies that have come out in the last 5 years that were quality; "The Nativity" and "A night with the King (Esther story)" being among them.

Our pastor made a comment a few weeks ago during his sermon that really hit me. He said that although he thinks apologetics definitely have their place, that no one was ever argued into the kingdom. It's the same with physical "evidence". The people of Jesus day had Him right there with them, and many observed the empty tomb, but they still did not believe. I try to remember that; to live a life where my faith is genuine and in which I love the people around me and speak what and when God tells me to. It's the Holy Spirit Who will ultimately bring God to Himself.

Mesha said...! I don't think it was quite what he was fishing for either...but loved this post. Made me smile. I was imaginatively going there with you bro! OOOOO...and don't tell me Steve Carrell doesn't make your list...PSSShhh...

Jonathan said...

Your friend's comment on the "discovery" of Noah's Ark just shows that non-Christians just don't get it. Why do they need validation of God's existence by sight alone? Besides, they could just look out their window, I mean HELLO! Trees, sky, birds, people, the fact that you are alive and breathing? What more do you need?

David said...

Movie - LOL. Noah's ark was a horror, especially after 40+ days of poop.

I suppose that it is nice that folks need historical data to back up all their biblical claims. Historically it appears that Jesus walked the earth and was resurrected from the dead. In fact, according to the Scriptures, every event of His life was seen by 2 or more witnesses as prescribed by the law. (more on search 'witnesses')

What is much more important than the historical or scientific accuracy of the scriptures, is that God is real, and we can receive those blessings with a little faith - even if we have never read a word of the Bible. Think about it. Most folks get saved and then read the Bible. Now I am sure there are those too, that have gotten saved reading the Bible. The point is not the scriptures or the archeology, it is the relationship with Jesus - one in which true Christians were willing to give their lives for.

We often here about doubting Thomas - the very one that saw Jesus raise Lazarus for the dead! His doubt was in how to have a relationship with a supernatural God. And that is the problem for us all.

If we debate God, science, and how to prove the presence of God, we gain nothing. After blogging all this time, there are a lot of smart and skillful debaters on both sides out there. And many of them think Christian are fools and hypocrites.

When we preach the word followed by signs and wonders, then God proves His existence. God does not need to be defended, He does not need Christian arrogance or intellectualism either.

God is looking for faithful men and woman to go into all the earth, and love their neighbors and enemies.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Good for you, Tony.

Though I was that person once -- the one who required "proof."

I wonder if your friend is seeking a bit???

I think that God has built within each of us the desire to believe, and perhaps he's looking to you for help.

Z said...

this story's nuts. People have been sure Mt Ararat has a huge 'box' in the side of it that's unexplained for YEARS (via Xray, etc.) and that it is probably the ark...of course, it's actually Armenian, that mountain, but the Turks confiscated and haven't allowed much study of it since...hoping, of course, nobody actually decides it IS Noah's Ark.

I don't see how this story's new but the media acts as if it is.