Monday, May 31, 2010

Greater love has no one than this...

Today I am most thankful that I can sit at my kitchen table and write this post without fear of censorship, retribution or persecution. I have the freedom to travel and see whomever I choose today. I was completely uninhibited taking my family to a place of worship yesterday to praise a loving God, or I could have just as easily chosen to stayed at home and watched a How It's Made marathon on television.

I have never known the restrictions of living in a repressed culture. I can't fully comprehend the inability to drive to a local supermarket and purchase food for my family in quantities that should shame us in comparison to 90% of the remaining world's population.

Less than 24 hours ago, Mrs. Tony C and I watched a show on a network dedicated strictly to food that featured a restaurant about 100 miles from where we live, got in the car, drove there, ate, and returned home. No hassles, no permission required.

Today I'm thankful that I have a day off from work to spend with my family however I so choose to spend the day. If I don't like my job, then I can find a new one. If I don't like my profession, then I can go back to school and change it or even start my own business. If I fail, my life isn't ruined because I live in a culture that allows for mistakes, as well as unlimited opportunity.

I'm ashamed that only a few times a year I stop and remember the veterans who paid the ultimate price, so I can do all the things I do. I knew a few of them and called them friends...I greatly appreciate all of them.

May we never forget whenever and wherever we see our country's standard flying proudly the blood spilled to protect it, to defend liberty and all the hope and freedoms the flag represents. Real men and women who sacrificed all they were or ever would be for an idea, a principle.

Thank you on my behalf and that of my family...thank you.


David said...

Yeah, I am glad that I can blog, and worship and work as I please. Otherwise I'd have to shoot someone. Sempre Fi.

Trac y said...

I'm grateful that I can enjoy all these things too

Michelle said...

I hate to say I take all of these things for granted. I take our country for granted. I sometimes can't see past the corrupted government to see the men that protect our freedoms. I become unpatriotic because of the bad tihngs and neglect all the good.

Burkulater said...

Great post. Sometimes we need to pause or we forget.

photogr said...

Yes we do have a lot to be thankfull for.