Monday, May 10, 2010

I love the smell of political activism in the mornings...

You woke up in a different country today and probably didn't even realize it...

Despite the efforts of the Republican party to make-believe pander to them and the liberal left to dismiss them as irrelevant and even vile, the Tea Party revolution managed to oust three-term Senator from Utah, Robert Bennett, in the state's primary on Saturday.

He was a Republican.

While you chew on that a moment, shaking your head trying to connect the Tea Party with a effort to remove a conservative Republican Senator, add this to the processor...just because you claim to be Republican doesn't make you a conservative. At least, not by the definition of the Tea Party revolution.

Senator Bennett's undoing was two-fold. First, he voted for a stimulus package that was initiated under the Bush regime and passed under Obama's watch. People were paying attention. Second, his attempt to work out a bipartisan compromise on health-care reform and subsequent vote to make health care mandatory under the new law was on his legislative record. Again, people were paying attention.

Career politicians, lobbyist, special interest groups and the media need to take notice. Despite efforts to invalidate, scoff and even villanize the conservative revolution's movement to end the completely insane actions of Washington (i.e. tax and spend, outlandish debt, and a swelling government payroll), people are paying attention to the actual issues, the real votes cast by politicians, and following the money of influence that flows so freely within the Washington beltway.

It's not about Republicans. It's not about Democrats. Not the talking-head buffoons on radio and television.

It's about real people. Grassroots. Common Sense. How long can the world's largest debtor nation continue to be the world's leader? Where in the Constitution does it imply I should be required by the federal government to have health insurance? Save greed-ridden financial institutes and poor performing manufacturers with tax dollars?

People are paying attention that scares the hell out of you.


David said...

Good call Tony!

We are paying attention. Our perception of the issues may come from the media; our scrutiny of congressional voting records is not.

Every politician knows that we are for it, or against it.

Senate votes were all we had to go on during the last presidential election, and Obama voted for virtually nothing - only being present.

As we sit on the precipice of another Supreme Court nomination, I hope all will take note of the Republicans that already confirmed her for her current position, and lack of bench experience.

katdish said...

I don't know what the solution is for the mess this country is in, but it certainly isn't politics as usual. Everyone's just pointing fingers. At least the grass roots folk are trying to present an alternative. Good for them. My friend Kris W (you may remember her - w/the elephant avatar?) She is very involved in the tea party movement.

photogr said...

Well I hope we can reverse the current trend to liberal socialism.

It is going to take a united effort by the taxpayers to reverse the current trend by voting out those liberals in all the elections.