Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday Guest Blogger- David Johndrow from Fire and Grace

It's time again for another guest blogger. Today it's David Johndrow from the blog Fire and Grace.

David and I have become great virtual friends through our blogging connection. I often use David as an example when talking about how Christians connecting through social media sites can be a very powerful tool for God's work.

Be sure to check out David's profile on his blog to learn a little more about him. He's sharp, funny and committed to the Word of God. You'll be glad you did...

The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

I had a dream a few weeks ago in which I died and went to heaven. Only moments before, I remember taking a shower. As I got passed the Pearly Gates I spoke to St. Peter. I thought to myself, he really is here. "Where is everyone?" I asked.

"You'll see them soon enough." he said. "We've got to get you some clothes."

I looked down slightly embarrassed. And then I put on a gown that was whiter then snow.

"It's been a busy morning," said St. Peter. "Let's take a walk through here." leading me towards a hallway filled with clocks. "I know how much you hated waiting in traffic." he said as he turned looking over his shoulder with a smile.

Suddenly I saw one of the clocks jump ahead a couple of minutes. "St.Peter, I just saw that clock with Tony C's name on jump ahead 3 minutes, what happened?"

"Oh, he sinned, and well, honestly-- the truth is you lose a couple of minutes each time you sin -- sometimes more," said St. Peter. "The wages of sin is death you know." he said gesturing with his hands as if everyone should know it.

I couldn't get over it -- nearly every clock skipping ahead a few minutes-- some by hours. There were the names of all the people I knew next all sorts of clocks, and famous people too.

Mesmerized, I saw a clock with Tom Brady's name on it-- it too, jumped ahead a few hours. "Wow, Tom just sinned!" I couldn't keep from blurting it out."

St. Peter said shaking his head, "Tom just lost to the Jets. The truth is every one sins" he continued. "Well except for Jesus, He never sinned." St. Peter kept walking as we made our way past thousands of clocks in a long hallway.

Hesitatingly, I said. "St. Peter, if you don't mind, I'd like to see Barrack Obama's clock."

"Ooooh..." he said rolling his eyes, "We have a lot of requests for that one -- him being the president and all. But you'll have to come to the kitchen to see it, we're using it as a fan!"

Today I take aim at both politics and religion. How about you, do you have thoughts about politics and religion? Are you tired of stupid folks in both camps? Today the greatest country in the world is at a crossroads - it is trying to recover from a political bender where some were drunk with power, all while church attendance is dropping like mercury in the coming of the next Ice Age. The later should be a sobering message.

I have a friend on Facebook that says "politics are silly and self destructive." He says that same about religion. If you read the hundreds of definitions of religion on, known for coining terms such as a "tramp stamp," the tattoo a woman has on her lower back just above her waist, or the "whale's tale," -- an exposed thong, you'll see that most think little of religion. According to UD, religion is a practice whereby the best Christianity has had to offer was the KKK, Hitler and the crusades. It's not good. Others think that it is a breading ground for stupidity. And here is one definition that did make me chuckle.

"Religion is the opium of the masses.-Karl Marx"

Check out the definitions for politics and it is pretty much the same.

"A Republican thinks he is doing the will of God."

"A Democrat thinks he IS God."

How do Politics and Christianity get these stereotypes anyway? I think I have a clue.

Q: How many TV evangelists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One. But for the message of hope to continue to go forth, send in your donation today.And we can have a similar laugh at the expense of our favorite political parties.

Q: How many Democrats does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One to unscrew the old one, one to find the recycling bin, one to buy a new one, one to borrow the money to pay for it, and 56 to keep the Republicans from pushing them off the step ladder.

Q: How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None, they don't feel that the old bulb ever should have been changed. However; they have promised to have a referendum to see if we really want to change the bulb that is in their now. Is is noted that the referendum is non-binding.

You see, what makes all this a even a little funny, is that fact that most of is TRUE! Christians honestly should have a different message then their stereotype implies. Wouldn't it be cool if people said, "Those Christians are so helpful, loving and true to their word." It's more likely we'd have more volunteers for Sunday School teachers than we would ever need if that were true.

Some folks think that Christians should stay out of politics-- and they should if they they are CINOs -- "Christian In Name Only." Don't you think it's time we had some real godly men and woman in office? Lest I offend someone, let me say at least in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and New York!

One more thought before I get off my soap box. Did you ever wonder why people feel the same way about politics as they do about religion. Picture this: A room full of clocks spinning with the thrust of a jet engine.

James 1:22-25 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Read more from David at his blog Fire and Grace.


Anonymous said...

David Johndrow has a new fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark. No nonsense is a thing of the past, but David seems to be bringing it back in style.

I liked this post a lot.

Z said...

Very good read..thanks, Tony C

Tracy said...

Appreciated this post. Yes I do wish Christians could be described as "helpful, loving and true to their word". Since I'm the one over whom I have most control (although sometimes I've been known to try to control my teen sons), may I live so this be true of me.

photogr said...

Great article and tribute to David. He sure does get you thinking.

Mesha said...

Loved this! Very well said, very WELL written! The clock analogy gave me chills and quickly caused me to evaluate my heart! I had a dream once actually (and I believe there is a music video that has this too)...but in my dream each person was walking around with a time clock floating over their heads and some clocks were closer to running out of time than others. My heart broke for the people and I remember doing EVERYTHING in my power to proclaim the truth of the gospel to them and I was broken b/c I felt like I was carrying the pain and anguish from knowing these people were lacking many of them! It was a good dream for me b/c I remember waking up and thinking, "Every one of us has a clock - each clock WILL run out." The Bible says EACH man is PROMISED once to live, then to die then to face the judgement seat...if we began seeing others as a promised man to a unavoidable trial and the verdict of that trial depends on them and JESUS! I have the key to offer them to release them from their punishment - will I be God's mouthpiece and allow Him to use me in presenting the truth?