Friday, September 25, 2009

The week that was September 20, 2009...'s been a long week. But, not one without many blessing.

My teenager turned 14 on Monday. I do a fair share of moaning and complaining on Tony C Today about her...but I wouldn't trade anything about her for the world. She's smart, funny and beautiful. There's nobody else like her, never has been and never will be. I thank God daily for my teenager. I thank Him for her little sister. Yes, I'm very blessed indeed.

I have an awesome family. People who give of themselves without thinking about any kind of return. That includes my in-laws, both my wife's family and my sister's husband. Great people each and every one. I'm a richer man in life because of them.

My church family is the greatest. Being with them is like...well...being at home. I receive such a blessing anytime I'm around them. This Sunday we celebrate Homecoming at my church. To me, we do that every time we gather together in His name...for worship, music practice, Bible study, youth ministries or just to fellowship. If someone in the church family hurts, we all hurt. Yes, we have our petty squabbles and any other family...but in the end, each person knows it's all about and for Him.

I don't mention the people I work with enough on Tony C Today. They too are like an extended family...literally. We work really hard together and we share a lot of laughs. I truly love and adore each of them and their families. Even when things are stressful and at the point of breaking, we look out for each other. The past few weeks have been like that due to the nature of our business. If you didn't know us and looked in on one of our monthly lunches together or the annual Christmas party, you'd think we were all actually family members. I'm very thankful for my workplace.

Then there's you. Some of you fall into one of the above mentioned groups, many of you don't. I can't begin to tell you what a blessing you are in my life. People I've never met face to face or even had a conversation with on the phone. Your timely words of encouragement and your undying commitment to speeching out your convictions should be plenty enough to ignite a cleansing fire to burn away several generations of embedded apathy. Our country desperately needs that. You challenge me to think...and inspire me to be a better person.

There's no way I could end such a post and not mention my soulmate. In honor of her, I challenge you to do something unexpected this weekend for your significant other. Anything out of the ordinary. Most important...don't do it expecting something in return. That I tell true love.'s been a long week...but it's been a good week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My hope and prayer is God blesses you in a most special way this weekend.


Mrs. Tony C said...

Great post! We are indeed blessed beyond measure! I am so very thankful for you and our love.

Tanya Dufore said...

Tony that was a great post. Thank you for being a great co-worker. Your hard work here shows. I see it daily. : ) Enjoy your weekend.

Bud said...

Great post. Thanks Tony!

David said...

Dude, you rock! I thought you were getting apathetic about posting blogs. However; I see your significant other (or the makers of the Prius commercial) redesigned your blog sight while you were so busy at work. Cool. I did like the dancing old folks - because I believe in voting.

Thanks for you commitment to real and virtual people, like myself. If I was there in TN, I give you big kiss on the cheek.

I will be waiting for the Mrs. Tony C. follow-up. ;o)

Z said...

Boy, is this on par with today's Sunday Faith Blog at MY place.
I thank YOU for your good work here, too!
The site looks fantastic!
I've never set eyes on your or Mrs. Tony C, but I consider you both Co-workers! (except for that little picture, of course, on your roll!)
Continued blessings to you both! And to AMERICA!

photogr said...

Great that you shared your feelings on your daughter. I always look on my tribe with great pride. Then the grand kids and the great grand kids.

Being an introvert some what, I find great pleasure in meeting new people in church. Amazing some even become wonderful friends if I let my guard down ( shy).

AtlantaMama said...

Sweet! Sounds like a good week and a wonderful family!! 14 really? How the time goes by! I have been crazy busy... and I've missed commenting too. We moved! And now we are counting down to the new baby... in about 7 weeks!!! But I have been keeping up w/ things and I can't wait to hear more from you on the "health care plan" / the largest transfer of power ever that they signers don't even have to read or make available to the public to read. I'm looking fwd to hearing more from you on all of this...