Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Guest Blogger- Shauna Callaghan from Blah Blah Blog

Sometimes you come across a blog that you really don't fit the intended demographic...but you love the blog anyway. I follow a couple of those and love reading them. Today's guest blogger fits that category for me because I'm not really a North Texas mom, and I don't play one on TV.

Shauna Callaghan writes a blog (Blah Blah Blog) that I find warm, funny and down to earth. In my mind, she's the epitome of Texas with a personality and heart larger than life (also see Randi's Reality). Enjoy a Best of Blah Blah Blog and mosey on over and check out more from Shauna...

Once Upon a Taco

A husband came home from work with a bag full of tacos. He said to his wife, “These are the best tacos ever created. You will love them. I know you are dieting right now but I love your belly and you will love these tacos – eat one (or two)….(or three).” (ok, he may not have said this, but this is what she heard)

She ate of the tacos and LOVED the tacos. With all of her heart.

This morning, the husband said to the wife, “I bet that my taco place has some delicious breakfast tacos, let’s go get some”

The wife – reluctantly and regretfully – said, “Ok, let’s do it – I DO love those tacos.”

The happy family drove down the road.
They pulled into a gas station.

The husband said to the wife, “Here we are!”
The wife, in utter confusion, looked at the gas station and did not see a Taco Restaurant.

But the wife saw this:

She sat in shock.

The blessed tacos had come from a “hole in the wall” – literally – a hole in the wall of the gas station.

She threw up a little then proceeded to eat some breakfast tacos.

Read more from Shauna at Blah Blah Blog and be sure to check with her if you're looking for a site upgrade or redesign.

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Shauna said...

Thanks for the nice words Tony!! We still get tacos from the taco place about once a month! We cannot stay away. AND...we have convinced nearly all of DFW to do the same. Its kind of a mission!

Anonymous said...

I know this place! That's so funny because I don't know Shauna but we must live close.

It's a very small world, and the internet is proving that true. I'm heading over to Blah Blah Blog and see where my path crosses with Shauna's!

Thanks Tony C!!!! Oh, and the blog Monday was completely awesome and I agree. God is trying to talk to us if we will just take time to listen.

David said...

Are there any tacos that don't make you sick? ;o)

Thanks for the chuckle, Shauna. I am going to start visiting some of of the local gas stations up north here,and see what I can come up with.

Mrs. Tony C said...

Some of the best food can come from a hole in the wall! Especially if you happen to be in Hawaii!

Michelle said...

OK...taco stories of this kind really kind of make me sick.

Once upon a time, I took a trip to Daytona with a group of girls for a great week we liked to call... College Spring Break. Late one night we found out that the owners of the condo we had for the week ALSO had a taco stand! So, after the taco stand had shut down, us six girls had a little VIP trip INTO the taco stand. We were eating the heck out of some nasty tacos that probably seemed like the best we'd ever had! My second taco in... I had to stop at some peculiar taste in my mouth... I look at my taco... I had put MAYO on my taco instead of sour cream!! Why did the taco stand have Mayo??? That should tell you a little something about the health standards of my taco stand...

Here's to tacos from hole in the wall establishments!

Sorry, Tony...maybe you had to be there! LOL