Friday, April 24, 2009

To be or not to's up to Perez Hilton.

As you know, I've been a bit off kilter this week, so I'm going to back up and catch something I missed Monday morning. I'm a little surprised not to see more blog buzz from my regular reads over Miss California's answer on Sunday night's Miss USA pageant. It was gold. In case you missed it while watching Susan Boyle sing on YouTube for the 103rd time...

She smacked that tater right out of the park! You go girl!

Miss North Carolina eventually won with Miss C taking second. Next day, celebrity judge Perez Hilton, who posed the question, declared Miss California's answer cost her the crown. By the way, who's Perez Hilton and when did just being a flamboyant man... make you a celebrity?

Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was asked to answer a question from her personal perspective. She didn't judge the lifestyle gay men or women choose and specifically qualified her answer by saying in HER family and based on HER values. But, the Political Correctness Police crashed the party, 'Don't speak your mind or heart lady. Who do you think you are?'

I commend Miss Prejean...not just because I happen to agree with her...but because she had the fortitude: 1. not to blurt out what she thought people wanted to hear, 2. not to give a safe PC answer, or 3. not to answer 'world peace.' That takes character, and isn't the question/answer phase about character? My wife loves...loves...these events, and I usually watch with her and the teenager (ahem...purely for research matters). I just wish we were watching this year. What a teaching point for young women and men...and what an opportunity to dance around the room just like when Kirk Gibson hit a home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series...oh, sorry. Too many baseball references. Guess I'm a little insecure about this whole beauty pageant subject matter.

I'm sick of political correctness and can't figure for the life of me how the PC Police have become so powerful. The vast majority of people agree with Miss Prejean. Now, that doesn't necessarily make her answer right or wrong, but it sure doesn't make it offensive either.

The very nature of political correctness is fundamentally subjective, therefore creating a paradox surrounding PC that followers either ignore or are too ignorant to see. If the PC believe there are no absolute truths, and all matters of education, law, faith and even morals are dominantly influenced by political interactions and person-centered perspective...doesn't that become the absolute truth of the PC? That's the line the PC take after all.

It's like a bunch of Hamlets running around citing the well known Act II line -'There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.' No absolute truths...only relative truths. What a crock! How...please tell me a society BUILT on a right to free individual speech and protection of individual rights can such a flawed principle as political correctness take root.

The PC are destroying our Constitution...our way of life. If you don't agree with me...all I have to do is proclaim your opinion offensive and watch the PC Police pounce. No wait...I'm a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and will eventually be a Dead White Guy...that won't work.

The fact alone that I quoted a Dead White European Male would probably be enough to make Perez jump up and down and call me a bigot...sometimes I just feel so alienated living in this country.


katdish said...

You go, boy! Get your rant on!

I watched a clip of that dude blasting her and calling her a dumb b*tch on his blog. Which I suppose is perfectly okay as long as she's not a minority.
I suppose everyon'e entitled to his opinion.

Who's the hateful one again?

Anonymous said...

I wish our country was a little more tolerant of Christian belief. Hilton's response was horrendous. I think she was treated unfairly.

However, I'm not sure I would go so far as to say she hit it out of the park. From comments I heard her make to NPR she had practiced the answer to that question as a possibility and that's all she could come up with?

I'm sorry but it came across as a very "beauty-pageantish" sounding response. It didn't sound like something she believed. She based her beliefs on "how she was raised". I think too many people confront the issue of homosexuality from the perspective of what they've been told or how they were raised rather than on what is right.

I think she should've defused the question. She was asked if she thought the rest of the states should follow Vermont and the other 3 states in allowing same-sex marriages. I would've said, I'm grateful we live in the United States of America where each state can decide for themselves. Four states have now chosen to adopt same-sex marriage, 22 states have chosen not to and yet we can continue living as neighbors to one another as the United States.

The way she answered it sounded like she had no rationale for believing the way she does. She was too apologetic: "No offense to anybody out there." To anybody out there? What is that? Sadly, she was not prepared to answer this question and to agree with Perez that she lost because of that question and her response is naive. That gives the issue of homosexuality too much social capital.

I didn't watch the pageant but I heard her on NPR and it didn't sound like she had a great voice (not a fan of opera) and her answer was too shallow. I don't think everything has to be about the homosexual issue. She probably lost a few votes on that issue but, though I don't want more states to adopt same-sex marriage, I didn't find it to be a very articulate and bold response. I might've voted against her, though for completely different reasons than Perez.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. :)

Anonymous said...

...Sometimes I just feel so alienated living in this country.
That's because the aliens have taken over. I wondered about those pods laying along side the road. said...

I don't agree with her answer. However, I admire that she stuck to her own personal opinion and her own morals. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view.

Laretha said...

I know I'm late but I am drafting my post to this! You know I have something to say!!


Lula! said...

Well said.

And high time someone said it.

(As with Steel Magnolias, I quote Designing Women on a regular basis. This one is classic Gerald McRainey, aka Suzanne Sugarbaker's ex-husband/current that particular episode.)

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