Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Saying what you want to hear doesn't make it right...

I'm going to stay on political correctness today because I received several good emails from my last post about it, and I believe there is more to say.

Advocates of political correctness see themselves as the moral elite. Secular saints with the mission to transform a 'sick' America. Advocates question all traditional values in the United States because we've been a racist, sexist, classist, bigoted country engaged in exploiting minorities, women, the poor and Third World nations...and somehow, someway at the root of it all is Christianity. Specifically, white male Christians have made the United States the awful place it is today.

There...I said it. But, I don't get it.

Before I go any further, please let me state I'm absolutely appalled and ashamed at events that have occurred in our country's history. No question. As a Christian, I believe there are no labels attached to God's love and grace. It applies to all, and I am commanded to love all.

But why am I singled out? Why can't I practice my faith and render my opinions without policing from the politically correct? Why I'm I labeled an ignorant, closed-minded bigot because I speak the principles of my faith?

I should be held accountable for things I say...and I am. I'm held accountable by my friends and family, by my peers, and by the court of public opinion. More importantly, I'm held accountable by the God I follow and worship. If I say something stupid and offensive, it should somewhat taint any future statements I make on the subject and be considered a direct reflection of my character. But, that doesn't mean expressing an opposing opinion on any given subject matter has the intent of being offensive or degrading. Political correctness destroys the foundations of debate by placing a burden of guilt (albeit social guilt) on any opinion that doesn't side with a minority group. To me, that's absolutely absurd!

When the minority opinion in a free society obtains leverage over the majority opinion in an effort to coerce change, the fibers of democracy begin to erode. There is no clearer example than the issue of gay marriage. California...CALIFORNIA...voters by a 52.5% majority voted in favor of the California Marriage Protection Act (Proposition 8) which defines marriage as a union between one man and one women. The vote altered the state's constitution. Game over. But wait...

San Fransisco Mayor Gavin Newsome stated in a speech that the same sex marriage " door's wide open now. It's going to happen, whether you like it or not." Doesn't majority rule in democracy? Well...maybe just not in California.

Speaking from behind a veil of political correctness, politicians often speak out about the oppression of a minority group, but rarely if their constituents are in the majority opinion. San Fransisco's electorate voted 75.2% against Prop 8...wonder if Mayor Newsome would be so vocal and convicted if the numbers were reversed?

Homosexuals are in a minority group...sure. But gay men and women are not persecuted by the heterosexual majority in our country. They are protected by the same laws and have the same liberties as heterosexual. To the state, marriage is a civil union that warrants protection as a long- standing institution. Who makes up the state? The people...of course.

But I believe there is a distinct difference between minority groups and minority opinions. Minority groups are made up of individuals and each person is protected equally under our Constitution. Minor opinions are made up collectively from individual opinions...also protected by the Constitution...but governed by the rule of majority in a democracy.

Just a short side...the media play a role in the political correctness game too. Often statements are taken out of context and individuals are ruined by a slip of the tongue. In their effort to draw viewership and thus generate commercial revenues (never, ever forget the media is about money/profits first and foremost), news agencies create, even stage, controversies to get that 'A-Ha' moment. Can you believe he said that?

Despite what its critics say, the United States is the world's most open, egalitarian democracy and the most successful of all multiracial and multi-ethnic societies. Perfect? Absolutely not...and a work in progress. But the PC movement with its push for group rights as opposed to individual rights is a direct threat to our Constitution and to the American way of life.

You mean the way of life where everything is controlled by the white male Christian?

Absolutely not. E Pluribus Unum still works...but our National Motto doesn't require political correctness to keep that philosophy in check.


David said...

I am sticking with guns and religion, over elitism and downright stupidity.

Great stuff, Tony! One of your most insightful - a keeper!

Natalie said...

WOW!! That's really all I have to say, wow! Well that are AWESOME!!!

Beth in NC said...

Yep, truth!

katdish said...

This is why is still think Texas should seriously consider seceding from the Union.

We don't go for that crap down here.

Lula! said...

Ditto to what David said.

Yes, that one guy who was elected by other people, I am sticking with my guns and religion, too. That's how we roll here in the backwoods hollars of SW Virginia, ya know?

Brilliant post, Tony. You need your own column in the Times-News...seriously...

David said...

NC, TX, WV... try living as a Christian conservative in the crucible of Blue, MA, with neighbors like Barney Frank, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. (BTW - Ted can't sail either.)

If you are looking for me, I'll be behind the wheel of a Mustang GT (no too Global Warming friendly at all ;o] ) with the Gun Owner - Voter bumper sticker.

I'd like to invite the Minute Man back to their home state! said...

Great post, Tony! AWESOME!!!

Z said...

Great post,'re SO right.

The homosexuals around here in California actually had people in the arts FIRED for having supported straight marriage ... fired. That's the 'open minded, open hearted, accepting liberal', huh?