Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party time...let's make it count.

I'm both excited and anxious about tomorrow's national Tea Party event. The excitement springs from communities becoming more active concerning our political process. Apathy has draped the nation for many years now on the political front. Government 'of the people' only works when the object of the preposition decides to be involved...that being 'people.'

What I don't hope to see is just an anti-Obama rally. Republicans did as much to put us where we are today during their reign over the White House and Congress...actually more than President Obama. Both parties have become 'spend and tax' machines that show no signs of slowing down. Yes, the Obama budget is outrageous, and he should be called out on it. But please don't polarize the event by making it a 'we/they' with R's and D's pointing fingers at each other. The 'we/they' should by the people versus the elected official...regardless of political party affiliation.

Think back to the original Tea Party in Boston circa 1773 that practically gave birth to our nation. The colonist weren't mad about tea, they were mad about the British government overstepping taxation boundaries that were already established in law. Sound familiar?

I urge you to attend a Tea Party tomorrow near you. (click here for link)

Government spending is completely out of control. The very irresponsible, personal behavior that got us into the financial mess we're in today is being carried out at the government level. The madness has got to stop! Politicians in Washington must know they will be held accountable to the voters if the tax and spend craziness continues.

The absolute worst approach to take is to do nothing. Get involved. If not by going to Tea Party...write YOUR congressman and express your concerns...and I hope you have some. This event could be a turning point in our history, don't sit it out on the sidelines.

Hope to see you there tomorrow! I'll be the guy with the sign...


AtlantaMama said...

hey, thanks for getting the word out. i hope these will make a dent. I've heard Sean H is going to be a part of one in the Atlanta area but I don't know the details. I guess the people want to feel like we are DOING something to have a voice over our money and more so over our freedom.

Burkulater said...

I'll be there as soon as I finish printing some more money for myself. I'm out, and Momma wants a new pair of shoes.

David said...

I wrote and wrote and wrote, but neither Kennedy or Kerry were listening. I sent messages to president@whitehouse.gov and my local guys too (Obama's adviser, Deval Patrick). The only person that hears from me more is Tony C. ;o]

I paid $46K in state and local taxes last year, and they want me to pony up for Kindergarten for my 5-year-old and pay for buses for my teenagers.

It's beyond out of control. I'd like to put well placed, size 13, carbon footprint on Barney Frank's derriere and the give one to Chris Dodd in the Fannie Mae.

Thanks, Tony, for for your distinguished use of free speech!

(Be sure to read the law passed in Idaho and pass it on to your reps. asking for the same.)


Laretha said...

I will be looking for the guy with the sign!

Great post and even better advice. It's not about R vs D, it's about the people - for the people by the people!

I'll be the chick with the sign!

myundiary@gmail.com said...

Thanks Tony for the info. I'll help spread the word :)

High on the Hog said...

I do not like Obama or Bush, but Obama is much worse. He steals our money and doesn't mind killing our unborn. We give him money and he smiles for the camera. If you wanted change, you got it!

Z said...

So, how'd yours go, Tony? Tell!
Santa Monica was cold as all get out...REALLY windy and just plain rare lousy CA weather! But, they got a fair (pardon the pun) showing, considering we call it the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF SANTA MONICA!