Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party success...taking back America begins.

The local Tea Party yesterday was great! For a city under 100K in population, the number of people attending the 1-5 pm event had to be labeled a success by organizers. Several thousand people where in attendance at any given time during the day. Due to a work commitment followed by a church commitment, my time was limited to about 20 minutes, but I would estimate well over 600 people were there at that time.

East Tennessee is predominately Republican, but I spoke with several Democrats attending the event...emphasising the fact this was not a partisan rally. Former congressman David Davis (R) spoke to the crowd about that very subject stating the Tea Parties should have started during the Bush administration when spending started spiraling out of control. "The Republicans spent too much money. But this is not a Republican crowd. This is not a Democrat crowd. This is an American crowd. I think Americans right now are fed up with politicians,” stated Davis.

I was very encouraged by a lot of talk (and signage) about putting God back center stage in our country. Revisionist can cry all they want, but unaltered history shows we were founded a God-fearing is who we are...more on that later.

Media coverage was both fair and good for the event in our area, but national news attention has been skewed. Fox has come under tremendous scrutiny for 'promoting' the events instead of reporting on them objectively. To no surprise, CNN's website has no home page coverage of the event deferring to Susan Boyle, the YouTube singing phenom, and the race to 1 million Twitter followers between the cable news giant and Ashton Kutcher...okay then.

MSNBC pays homage by making fun of the event and referring to it as 'pointless.' Okay... I hate MSNBC and you should too. Actually, most people do because ratings put Fox scores better across the board than CNN and MSNBC...COMBINED! Who's laughing now Olbermann at your lame, snide remarks?

The most disturbing issue to transpire yesterday, however, came from the Department of Homeland Security. State and local police were warned of 'elevated threat levels' from, among several groups, right wing extremist. Does the timing of this warning seem too coincidental? One of the best signs I saw from the rally stated, 'I went to bed a conservative and woke up a threat to national security.' I will be blogging about this later too...but it warranted mention here.

One last note for now, I see a lot of momentum for congressional term limits stemming from the Tea Party. That is a very, very good thing.

Hope you were able to support a Tea Party near you. If so, tell us about it.


Natalie said...

I am so thrilled to hear about all of the Tea Parties! Thanks for sharing yours with us.

'I went to bed a conservative and woke up a threat to national security.'....PRICELESS! said...

Thanks for sharing. A "threat to national security", wow!

Laretha said...

There was a great showing in KC as well. It was an evening event so I couldn't attend for family and church commitments but so glad there was a great showing in KC!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

What happened in our nation on Wednesday was truly remarkable.

It's too bad the mainstream media was too intimidated to report about it accurately.

Fox News rocks!

Z said...

As an 'aside', you should SEE the photos Germany got....the WORST stuff...Obama as Hitler, etc..
ACORN? who knows? I shuddered when I saw them.
I say ACORN because even CNN, which SO HATED the parties, or MSNBC, which is so scared they're in ugly overdrive demeaning us, didn't carry those photos!

Ours in Santa Monica was only about 400 but the beach winds were whipping more than I've seen them in years and it was frigid. Californians don't do well in 'frigid'! BUT, to get that many in the People's Liberal Republic isn't so bad!

Thanks for the enthusiasm about yours! Good to hear. And, yes, TERM LIMITS, please! (can we limit a president's term to two years NOW?!! :-)

Lula! said...

I went to bed a conservative and woke up a national threat to security...

I'd laugh if that didn't make me so furious.

And if I see that snarky video of the snarky CNN reporter again, I'll puke.

p.s. I hate MSNBC and CNN, too. As do most SANE individuals. Yeah, I said that.

Bud said...

I went for a little while too. Was encouraged! Good post!

Warren Baldwin said...

I like your point that this is not a Republican crowd or a Democratic crowd, but an American crowd. As Americans we must pull together for the common good. Note: I found you through Steve Hawley's site. And I invite you to visit my blog. WB