Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mothership hears you...

I'm a little behind my normal posting schedule this week. It's not because I don't have anything to comment about...fact is...I have too much on my mind to muse.

My last post (well, before the Bee Gee's video) resulted in a myriad of emails from people who apparently don't want to post a response on this blog but still want to make sure I know their sentiment. I'm okay with that...or I wouldn't post an email link. I usually get a couple of emails from impious readers after a posting that specifically denotes my befuddled understanding of atheistic ideology ( that an oxymoron?). I'm okay with that also. I enjoy the more private exchange of ideas and beliefs.

But, little did I know the energy surrounding the New Age! I received 16 emails from 13 different readers (none regular followers of my blog), and I can't help but wonder how that happens. Is there a New Ager hotline? Phone tree? Signalling light? I just don't get it. I encouraged each one to participate in an open dialogue and promised to moderate justly. The common response, if I received one at all, was Tony C Today is predicated on a religious, conservative viewpoint, and thus my blog attracts like readers...the old 'birds of a feather' retort.

So Child of Aquarius, how did you find my blog? I've yet to get an answer!

Actually, how the holistic dialed in to my blog isn't really important. What chafes me is the patronizing manner in which most of the emails write off the conservative Christian view as 'ignorant', 'close-minded', and 'prehistoric.'

(Let me take just a moment to study the WWJD Post-it on my desk. This may take a few moments is 4 whole letters.)

I read ugly comments a lot in emails from atheist bloggers who feel inadequate and picked on by us 'Jesus freaks.' However, the vile disposition of the New Agers is a whole different ball of wax. Okay, to be fair, I'll state it this way...the one's I've heard from or know personally. Vile New Agers...another oxymoron? Isn't the New Age philosophy found in crap...excuse me...books like The Secret about harmony and kumbaya? Give positive, get positive? You do your thing I'll do mine...the Universe will sort us out?

Somebody needs to clue in a few folks.

As to the ignorant, close-minded Christian comments...have you guys really looked at what you believe and follow or are you just making it up as you go along? L. Ron Hubbard was at least consistently fruity in Scientology and had rules for his make-believe religion. Scientologist are at least told what to think, and when and where they can think it. There is structure...not just philosophical muck that can take on an infinite number of meanings and shapes at the choosing of the person wielding them...I mean, come on people. Even when you play Candyland, there are rules that govern and guide the game.

Christianity takes discipline, discernment and patience. Yeah, God's testing me on that last one.

I've gotta run...I just got an email from a he seems angry.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

You know you're doing something right when it gets a reaction - even if that reaction's negative! I've not gotten any hate mail, so I'm a little insecure.

Burkulater said...

Hmmm. That blog I wrote with the non-realist was the first dialogue I've had with a philosophical person. It wasn't as confusing as it first seemed. I guess what really baffled me was that anyone could actually think this way and live their life according to their own crazy notions of "good," whatever that is. It seems to me that the post-modern thinkers do not want anyone to tell them what to do or how to live. As we all know, it's much better to rear up a child with absolutely no direction of right or wrong. "Just follow your heart," should be our motto, or such mumbo-jumbo.

BeckeyZ said...

Maybe Oprah's minions are instructed to google certain terms and email nasty responses. That would be my first guess.

Love your blog BTW.

David said...

Interesting, the church comes across as ignorant, close-minded, and prehistoric. I thought those were euphemisms for unloving.

I applaud your gusto to expose the shallowness of some religions. It needs to be done.

In the end, I wonder what it is that people expect the church to be so the all me will praise God for our good works? And what will we do so that they will know us by our love?

It will be interesting to see how the Gospel shakes out as we head deeper into the End Times.

Anonymous said...

Why are christians so judging when their bible tells them not to be? I loved The Secret and the book opened my eyes to alot of "garbage", as you say, about the church. Churches are full of hipocrites!
I believe I can be a good people and God will not punish me for not following just one of the many religions there are. God created man in his own image and man created religion. All of them. How do you pick just one.
As the Law of Attraction goes, I try to love everyone and respect everyone. I feel good about that whether you do or not is irrelevant.

Mike said...

Here we go again! If Christianity is good for one thing, it's beating down any challenging school of thought. Look at the history of the church.
A faith based on the brutal death of its centerpiece figure is not one I want my children to follow. All that guilt and shame is just unhealthy.

John said...

I found The Secret both enlightening and empowering. No single religion has the corner on spirituality. Not Christians, Jews, Muslims or Buddist.

We must all learn to coexist without passing judgement on our fellow man. Judging and condemning accomplishes nothing.

I responded here after sending you the email because I didn't want to seem ashamed of my feelings on the subject. I'm not.

vivek singh said...

christians are mean people

Not eveyone feel like you so get over it

The Secret was on Oprah in America and all Americans love Oprah

Burkulater said...

The sad thing is that people really feel like Christians are "mean." I think that says quite a lot. Christians are definitely fallible people. Although we mess up and say and do things we shouldn't, what we say and do isn't always a great reflection of the Bible. I would say to read through the Gospels and then make your judgments on these wonderful accounts of Christ.

Lula! said...

What in the world? I must go further back and read...

Angel Bear said...

Thanks for the blogs!

People are always asking for proof that God exists. God wants us to accept Him on Faith, which is believing in something you can not use the senses to prove He is there - can not see, feel, hear, touch, or taste Him. So, where is the proof? Why do Christians believe?

I would like to say why I believe.

God says in His Holy Word, the Bible, that He wants us to come to Him as little children. Does a child ask if He is real or just goes? Does anyone know where I'm leading to now?

It is easier for a child to believe in God than an adult - why? Because as you get older, you are exposed to worldly things that pollute our child-like minds and we start asking questions like: why, how, are you sure, etc.

Also, Jesus said He would leave a Comforter behind while He goes and prepares a place for us with His Father. The Comforter is what? The Holy Spirit!! (AWESOME!!)

The Bible says, when we believe and have Faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit is a witness.

There it is folks - the Holy Spirit being a witness to me when I believe with the small step of Faith that Jesus really did forgive me of my sins and came into my heart and I believed He is God and alive - the Holy Spirit is the witness and I "know" from that moment on He is real and that is why I, like many Christians, believe God is real.

When you truly, I mean now REALLY truly believe and have Faith, The Holy Spirit will let you know and comfort you. You will know for certain, without a shadow of a doubt, He is real!!! Although, Satan does try to put doubts in our minds, and we might let him linger for a while, but then God brings us back to our senses as if he poured a bucket of water on us and said, now snap out of it! I am still here!

I do owe God more than I give, though. I am not perfect. I have done things I'm ashamed of and I have sinned - but that is why Jesus laid down His life for the ultimate Sacrifice for us, conquered death and Satan, and God raised Him from the dead so that all of us, (none is righteous, no not one), why we may be forgiven for our sins and live eternity with God and not burn with Satan in fire and brimstone (and eternally separated from God) when either God comes back for us or we pass on into eternity. Jesus' Sacrifice was not in vain - it was in love, mercy, and grace for all of us who will believe by Faith in Him!

We shall ALL bow down one day and praise Him for He is our Creator and Savior! I want to be one of those who tried very hard to please Him and believe in Him - the stakes are too high to think otherwise - especially in comparison to any other religion there is out there.

God gave us free will to choose - what will your choice be today? If it isn't Him immediately, it is automatically the alternative(s). We are not promised another breath, so it is best not to linger long on your choice. If you need help praying, let one of us know.