Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIAS (Thank God It's Almost Sunday)

Sunday is the day we are all more ways than one.

I'm a carpe diem kinda guy. Without being to New Agey, I can really appreciate each and every moment God blesses me with here on Earth...even Monday mornings. The book 'Chasing Daylight' really addresses how as Christians we should seize every moment to bring glory to God.

But that's not what I'm about today...

Today, I'm looking forward to Sunday. I didn't get to go to church Wednesday night, and I miss my church family. More importantly, I look forward to the opportunity to gather with my church family and worship God in the one accord spoken about 12 different times in the book of Acts alone.

Fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.
Philippians 2:2

Paul is speaking in Philippians to the church about uniting in humility, the same humility demonstrated for us by Christ. For me, this comes easy on Sundays as I put all pretentiousness aside and check my often judgmental self in exchange for a more tolerant demeanor. My wife might possibly take exception with that statement, but I feel it comes easier to be more Christ-like knowing Sunday is His day.

Yes, I look very forward to Sunday...and to the day when every day is like Sunday in my life.

Have a blessed weekend with your family.


Z said...

THANK YOU for the birthday message, Tony..that meant the world to me.

AND, I hope you come to visit my Sunday Faith blogs..I think you'd like them. Mustang has wonderful ones, too! It's catching on!

I know what you mean about missing your church family when you can't go. It's a nice feeling.
God's blessings and thanks
Have a WONDERFUL weekend.

Z said...

By the way....what a beautiful familY!

Tony C said...

Thanks Z...I'm really fond of my girls!

Ken said...

It's funny how something I dreaded so much as a kid has become something that I truely love to do as an adult. Hearing the Word and praising God on Sundays is awesome! And especially with family or friends.

Testify Tony!

B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the post. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for church. I love God and he has richly blessed me, but Church often depresses me as an endless cycle of obligation. Sermons are ok, and the worship is sometimes profound. But it is the struggle to maintain the organization of the church that is so difficult and bums me out.

Lula! said...

I love that you prefaced this by saying, "I'm not all New Age-y..."

'Cause I love me some Yanni, but I have this fear that people will be all, "NEW AGER! Bet you have a dream catcher hanging from your car mirror, too!"

Uh, no.

Burkulater said...

What beautiful girls you have!

It's truly a blessing to share in worship of an Almighty God with those you love.

God's Girl said...

Yes... I totally agree....
Totally cherish each day with your family! It is a gift from the Lord.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!