Monday, October 13, 2008

Senator Obama...please address this for all of us.

This is an actual photograph taken for a Chicago Magazine article in 2001. Bill Ayers was promoting his book Fugitive Days in the article.

I believe wholeheartedly in the First Amendment right of all Americans. In my days as a U.S. Marine officer or even today given the necessity, I would die to protect anyone's constitutionally guaranteed freedom to soundly, even rudely, disagree with my opinion on any given issue. To me, freedom of speech is a principle worth dying to protect. But this...this goes too far!

Ayers may have or may not have been your friend, Senator Obama, but you've got to publicly condemn this man for his radical views. As a potential (if not probable) Commander in Chief, you have to know too much blood has been spilled for our Standard...our colors...your flag. It's just as if Bill Ayers is standing directly on you, Mr. Obama, in disrespect. Please say it's just not right...because it's not, now and never should be.

Just say it for all of us and put it to rest.


Lula! said...

This is the first I've heard of this Ayers stuff. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! You are spot on!

Average American said...

Tony, if NOBAMA wasn't a politician, he would probably be stepping on our flag right next to Ayers. He does not back protecting it from desecration as McCain does, according to an interview in American Legion magazine.

Z said...

I was very proud to have seen you put me on your 'favorites' (came up on my dashboard) and am ashamed to admit I didn't even know how to repay the compliment!>. but, I'll go myself one step stupider (!), I clicked on BLOCK here at 4 AM with insomnia (I wanted to get here!!) and want you to know it was not done purposefully and I want you back on my dashboard.
UGH... I'm so sorry!! I liked the thought that you'd done that and I accidently blocked you!?
I have to go back to bed and SLEEP!
I did it to Beverly, too!!

and, did you see what Lula said? With ALL the articles coming out and she's not heard of this Ayers stuff before? WHERE IS OUR NEWS? WHERE IS THE TRUTH?
See how important blogs are?

Average American is right...good point!

Anonymous said...

Like you, I have served the interests of the American people by helping to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. I find Ayers disgusting, and I deplore the fact that he thinks so little of the symbol of our country that he would tramp upon it. Still, our court tells us he has the right to express himself no matter how repugnant that final expression. So for me, that isn’t the issue. No, the issue is — why would he do that? My question opens the door to many possibilities, none that portray Ayers favorably.

Great blog, Tony. I’ve blog rolled you at Social Sense