Monday, October 6, 2008

My vacation is over...but I've still been watching.

Okay. I've been off an entire week. Well, actually 9 days if you include weekends. In spite of the mother-load of material to blog away about over that time span, I was content to be a spectator and of no written sarcasms. I kept my barbs to a few close friends and family (which don't necessarily cross categories in this case) or snide remarks hurled at my television.

Scene from local support group meeting every Tuesday night at the VFW.

Tony: Hi, I'm Tony, and I'm a recovering Reagan Democrat with so many things to be mad about, I resort to yelling almost daily at whatever show happens to be on my TV at the time.

Group: Hi Tony (In unison from the 37 people in attendance).

Tony: I watched the Vice Presidential Debate last week...(groans from crowd)...yeah, I'm mad as heck too. But what do we do? What do we do? I've gotten to the point of screaming expletives at SportsCenter...both the 7am and 8am shows, which are basically just a repeat of the same highlights over again, kinda like Headline News used to do before Talk Radio people took over (more groans)...yeah, I know. I miss the repeating stories every half hour too with sports on at 20 and 50 minutes past the hour. That's where Van Earl Wright got his start, before American Gladiators, you know...

Group Moderator: Tony! You're rambling.

Tony: Sorry, I just can't bring myself to talk about it anymore. I feel so...helpless. McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden...I mean...well that's not even really a choice! What the heck now, come on! She uses phrases like 'gosh darn it' and 'golly geez' ..and Biden wouldn't know the truth if it ran over him. Don't even get me started on Oprah Obama or 'Is he is or is he ain't' McCain!

Group Moderator: Tony! Focus please!

Tony: (whining) I know...I know...where's Ron when we really need him! Please God, send him back...send him back! Just answer this one prayer. I take back the lottery prayer. Answer this one and I'll never curse at Glenn Beck again....I promise...on the TV or radio! Please, God please!

Group becomes completely unsettled and begin wailing and gnashing their teeth.

I'm researching something currently that I'll reserve comment on until after Tuesday night. That is, of course, if the world doesn't come to an end due to the black hole about to be created somewhere in Europe because we just can't leave some things well enough alone and have to spend billions of dollars to smash a few protons together...oh...sorry, I'm rambling again.

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