Thursday, October 16, 2008

'I don't trust either of dishonest politicians!' Joe the Plumber

Joe Biden, Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber -
The plumber leads by 12 points in most polls.

Okay, Joe didn't really say that...but he could! Watching the debate last night was almost as painful for me as watching the Dodger lose in Game 5 of the NLCS. Almost. And poor Joe, he kept getting pulled in from both sides. 'My buddy Joe...' and 'Good ole Joe' references were used like cheap white paint trying to cover a deep red or deep blue wall. It's not working. partisan politics painted the dark walls to start. I'm sick of hearing the D's blame the R's and the R's blame the D's and then both pandering to the few polarizing issues that divide us into D's and R's. I just don't believe either of them is willing to fix the real problems.

McCain talked out of both sides of his mouth promising to control spending and give tax cuts on one side then promising more entitlement programs on the other. How does that work John? In my house, if we act on wants and not needs, we end up spending more money. Since there's only so much money to go around each month, spending more means something gives somewhere else (i.e. food, clothes, charity giving, etc.). I can't just go to my boss and declare 'I spent more this month, so I need more pay this month.' Of course, there's always...don't say cards (oh the humanity, the humanity!). More debt is definitely not the answer, and the biggest reason we're in the mess we're in today.

Then there's Mr. Debonair. Cool and sophisticated. At points in the debate, I was so enthralled by Obama's promises that I found myself opening my wallet and just throwing money at the TV. 'Take it...take it all!' Well, that's what it would pretty much be under his reign. God love 'em, Democrats are never going to give money back. No how, no way. Every answer BO gave seemed to start with 'The government...' Is that the answer to all our problems or the cause? Hmmmm.

Facts are facts. The R's had control of the White House and Congress for SIX YEARS. Did the federal government get smaller? Did the national deficit go away? Both got BIGGER. We all know the D's aren't going to make government smaller no sooner than fish are going to jump out of water everywhere and start walking to get around. It's just not going to happen.

Conservatives are being betrayed nationwide. Government has grown out of control for so many years, the obesity may be irreversible without major surgery. The surgeon needs to be us, the American voter (hey, I stay at Holiday Inn Express). What needs to be fixed is major - out of control spending, tax reform, campaign finance reform, and term limits for Congress just to name a few. It's the only option, and politicians needs to be held accountable to make it happen or be replaced... surgically removed. Washington has become too comfortable with incompetence and for incumbents.

I hate to use a Bill O'Reilly phrase (God forgive me please), but we have to stop drinking the Kool Aid...blind following. Republicans nominated the wrong guy. He can't beat Obama. He won't. Deal with it and start getting ready for the next fight. It's coming very soon. We need true conservative leadership in Washington...not big government politicians dressed up like conservatives. We have to demand the federal government not only be smaller, but also less intrusive in the free market and our free personal lives.

Let's get back to the basics of 1776, or even 1876, before we find our country being ran by only the special interest and a select few and not the 'We' in 'We the people...'

I hope we're not too late.


A Young American said...

Good point. Neither politician is really what would be best for the country. But do we have other options? It's really come down to picking the lesser of two we don't like, rather than the better of the two. Rats. Now I'm glad I can't vote yet.

Fred Thompson 2012!! :)

Tapline said...

Tony, first time visitor.....Excellent post...much thought and to the point...stay well....