Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's just too good to be true...

Are my ears hearing correctly? Did I read that right? A U.S. Senator is calling it quits because nothing is getting done in Washington? Egad!

Senator Evan Bayh, a Democrat from Indiana, will not seek re-election for a third term because nothing is getting done in Congress. I won't paraphrase...get it straight from the jacka...excuse's mouth:

That could quite possibly be the smartest thing I've ever heard a Senator say....with apologies to Tennessee native son Howard Baker.

Forget party affiliation. Leave demographics out of it too. Senator Bayh is just admitting what American taxpayers have known for quite some time now...the system is broken, and our hard earned tax dollars are being used to wage partisan war while special interest groups get richer and fatter.

Don't let me forget to mention our beloved media in this production either. What's the first story they spin from such a monumental announcement? The Democrats are in trouble now! Whatever will they do losing yet another Senate seat? Like it really matters. The balance of power has been swinging back and forth for decades with the same results...more federal spending, a larger federal government, and increasing losses of constitutional liberties. It doesn't matter if the donkeys or the pachyderms are in charge. The instigating media needs continuing partisan conflict to keep ratings and ultimately revenue.

Senator Bayh went as far as to say, "If people are just pursuing narrow tactical political advantage, vote them out. If people are being rigidly ideological and unwilling to accept reasonable compromise, vote them out." What?! Leave it up to voters?! Have you gone mad Senator?

There will be momentum to break the gridlock we call Congress now. A window of opportunity has opened with the lead being a very unlikely character...a politician. Our country needs term limits for Congress, and we need them put in place now! Such legislation would send a clear message from our elected representatives to the electorate that they are serious about ending the idiocy that's been going on for years. Let's not get greedy for wholesale changes...term limits would be an excellent start to correct longer reaching problems.

Let's put our partisan politics aside and shut the extremes from both ends of the political spectrum up for a change. Call or write your Senator or Representative and tell them you are firmly behind term limits for Congress...and they should be too.

We always have the right to impose term limits at the ballot box if Congress doesn't have the guts to do it themselves...


David said...

I believe term limits would be a good thing!

And so would the following:
- Congress not being able to write laws that do not apply to them - IE: Health Care
- The voters should set salaries, not the congress.
- Get rid of the IRS and get a flat, or equal tax.
- Make a real line for immigration.
- Stop foreign aid.
- Stop bail outs.
- Stop subsidization.
- No deficit spending.

Tracy said...

Gee I really like David's specifics. Just make those taxes a equal percentage.

katdish said...

Okay, I have nothing to add. I just wanted you to know I was here! Fantastic post, Tony.

photogr said...

I have to go along with David. He covered all the bases.