Monday, February 1, 2010

Compounding interest should be somewhere in the Top 10...

Finish this thought...The 10 greatest (blanks) of all times.

Most of you are probably like me and things like movies, songs or books immediately come to mind, or maybe even more specifics topics like top grossing films, love songs or novels. Some of you might even fall into the sport teams, business mergers, and Marvel comics group...but then you're probably afraid to come out of the dorkster closet thinking you'll end up with a power-wedgie.

Such lists are subjective to varying degrees. Although I'm an avid Lakers fan, it's hard to argue the 1995/96 Chicago Bulls that went 72 wins to only 10 losses are not the greatest team in NBA history. A little subjective but plausible. It would be easier to contest Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones as the VH1 Greatest Rock Song of all times...I mean it just seems like the Beatles or Elvis should have the honor to me...making this example very much subjective.

Allow me to get cerebral for a moment (at the risk of a wedgie). What if the (blank) was the word ideas.

Have you ever stopped to contemplate what the the single greatest idea of all times might actually be? Wow! It's overwhelming near the scale of infinity. I can only begin to imagine the debates and outrage should a list ever be compiled with a clear, consensus number 1. I'll bet it would top even Avatar (eye roll). Do say!

The thought of the greatest ideas of all time came to mind this weekend, while I was trying to decipher the whole idea/ideal context for the teenager. God bless her...she knocks the top off standardized testings and makes very good grades...but somehow she struggles with a lot actually being two words. Ahem...according to my Facebook News Feed, she's not alone on that one by a long shot either.

Now you're thinking, as a Christian, I would most assuredly put a idea from the Bible in play at the top, but I actually don't think anything biblical should count because all such things come from the inspiration of God. Wait...wait...yes, I know ALL things come from God, but I would argue that God probably didn't directly inspire the lyrics to the aforementioned Stones' song and thus there should be a category of distinct ideas not drawn from the written Word.

See how difficult such a task might be for a person of faith? But, I'm convinced the readers of Tony C Today are up to the task, so I'm stating a challenge. What do you consider the greatest single idea of all times? The idea can be an invention, a theory or a concept. Scientific, social or abstract. Open your minds me what you've got!

Of course, my shy readers can play along by email at, and I'll gladly post you response...anonymously.

Let me throw a few out just for fodder: All men are created equal, the wheel, relativity, and the concept of value. Remember, nothing that can be directly taken from the Bible...or the Koran if that's how you roll. Also, don't get to philosophical with this exercise. Yes, gravity has always been around...but Newton had to compile the idea of gravity into a working theory. Yes, electricity is a natural occurrence in lightning...but Volta discovered the chemical reactions that produced the first electric cell.

Please don't tell me you thought Ben Franklin originated the idea of electricity...that would be just too American of you.


David said...

Well, I guess we need to get all the good ideas through the funnel so that we can focus on the one. As a full-time logic geek, we first have to eliminate thought "topics" from the list.

The best of idea, albeit God's, which most impacts human life is the advent of Salvation - but as instructed, it's off the list.

Sports are off the list, along with creative media of every kind - too subjective.

If we look at inventions and discoveries. IE: the wheel, the car, the iPhone, we begin to leave behind third world countries who cannot afford to eat, much less sit at a PC blogging for no apparent reason.

Possibly, it's medicine, but again, even a cure for cancer would only impact a segment of the world's population.

No, the best idea would have to be one that impacts the greatest number of human's on the planet. Something that would be as popular as Coke, or McDonald's trademark - yet produce something so much better than simple name recognition.

I am trying to think what would be the most useful to all of mankind, the most accessible to the poor, something that is not a fad, and not subjective.

For me, the best idea ever: Is the acceptance of God's Salvation. For this simple act, especially if it was done by those that have already heard the message, would have the greatest impact on all mankind, now and for eternity.

If every Christian alive would simply get 2 others to believe, who would get 2 others to believe, the entire world would be converted in 14 years. Which is the second best idea of all time.

Tony C said...

Email answer: Four Fundamental Forces/Interactions- electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction, and gravitation. In physics, these are the ways that the simplest particles in the universe interact with one other.

@David- Somehow I knew you couldn't play by the rules...not that that's a bad thing!

Tony C said...

Email answer: Unconditional love. The realization that loving someone isn't dependent on any other variables.

David said...

I did play by the rules. OUR acceptance of His salvation has really got to be our idea even though He pursues us. And I did put in the second best idea just in case you got all theologically widgy on me. :o)

Tony C said...

Email answer: 'All men are created equal' is the basis of numerous theological and philosophical principles, so it would be tops for me. Plus, I'm biased to the view we were 'created' as human beings and not the result of random events leading to our evolution.

@David- I concede the point but you get a virtual wedgie for being too philosophical.

Michelle said...

Ooh! ooh! ooh! I wanna play!

The best idea EVER? Oh dear...there are so many. I would have to vie for electricity as it is THE essence of my survival. Not just b/c of all of the wonderful gadgets and appliances that make my world easier, but because electricity literally puts the roof over my head and the food on my table. :D With dear ol' hubby being an EE, I've had to hear about ol' Volta more than once. (And Ohm and Telsa...but please don't tell Nate I actually listen when he would encourage more discussion into the three phase lines and circuits and relays and blah blah blah BORING!)

But, you've already said that so I won't to go elsewhere...maybe you mentioned it and I blah blahed over it. Once again...this is for me and not for the masses...well, it could be for the masses...but wireless communication and I'm not talking about the old cordless telies with the big silver antennae. I'm talking instant, wireless communication via laptops, phones, etc. Amazing. Well, none of that would be possible w/out electricity. I guess it all boils down to a 1 or 0, right?

And I can't stop without responding to David... and Tony know I can't stop w/out responding to David. OUR acceptance? Your answer is Null and Void. By making this an "act" we take away grace. By two people "getting" two others to believer...the glory goes back to us and God's grace means nothing.

do i always post alot?

Tony C said...

Email answer: Self-awareness.

@Michelle- ...and then the Calvinist make themselves know. I knew when I read @David what was coming next.

Michelle said...

I knew you would know. ;D But your comment doesn't make sense to me anyways? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Ketchup in a squeeze bottle. Brilliant!

Tracy said...

The whole idea of redemption - taking something messed up and making it good; is a great idea with lots of material, practical aspects as well as spiritual ramifications.

David said...

@Michelle - so you are saying that we are on the Calvinist hamster wheel and nothing we do or decide matters. We are predestined - so get in the recliner and see what happens? With all respect, I'm not buying it. That makes Paul's discourse on abusing grace in Romans null and void. Then one would need to ask the question, why bother wasting the ink? It makes that augment for obedience also null and void as well.

A preacher once asked, if you don't preach the Gospel to folks that are predestined to be saved - ones that God chose you for the task, will He send someone else?

sandy said...

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