Friday, January 15, 2010 just need to know when to shut up.

Yesterday I received an email from a regular Tony C Today reader who wanted to know where the old Tony C from a year or so ago had gone. Hmmm...

This person went on to say how much they enjoyed my perspective on breaking political issues and always found a 'common-sense' approach reading my post. (blushing)

Naturally, ego got the better of me, so I started scanning back through post to see where trends had me going. Yes, it is true that last fall and winter (2008/09) I posted a great deal more about politics and current events, but we were in the midst of a ground-breaking Presidential election and a financial meltdown of biblical proportions! I mean...that stuff practically writes itself!

Without coming across too defensively, let me state that my views on politics, economic issues, foreign policy and constitutional issues are dead on the same now as a year ago. I read a number of blogs that address one or more of those issues daily. I'm just not as quick to jump on that soap box for the sake of being up's say...Rush Limbaugh.

Calm down, calm down. I'm not Rush bashing...well, much...and I understand he has an obligation to sell advertising each and every day to keep his show on the air, but it just doesn't interest, or even become, me to harp on President Obama every month...much less every day. I mean, the man's approval ratings speak loud and clear, and it's obvious the honeymoon is long over. But what Rush did this week was just in bad taste...even for him.

The scene hasn't been much better locally as the topic of discussion is overwhelmingly centered on the University of Tennessee's football program and that scoundrel Lane Kiffin. It was 10 to 1 the subject more talked about at church Wednesday night than the awful devastation in Haiti causing an entire neighboring country to suffer. That's shameful too.

Unfortunately, Rush embodies the narcissistic attitude most prevalent in our society today as we view everything from a self-centered perspective. For those of you unknowing, Rush came out in the most controversial remarks made during his show this week (about the earthquake in Haiti), and said, "This will play right into Obama's hands. He's humanitarian, compassionate. They'll use this to burnish their, shall we say, 'credibility' with the black community -- in the both light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country. It's made-to-order for them."

Not good. It makes even conservatives like myself cringe with disgust. People are dead and dying...not the time to take a political jab at the current face on our country's relief efforts. Some things transcend politics. Some times we are all just Americans.

So there you have my explanation as illustrated by Mr. Rush Limbaugh. When a subject matter grabs me and beckons to be blogged...I'll be all over it from my humble perspective. I'm just not going to hammer on a point for the sake of hammering. Well...unless it's about God...and maybe that New Age stuff...oh, and my Nobel Peace Prize application...and yes, living with all females...

Don't worry. I'll keep visiting your blogs and leaving scathing, radically right-wing remarks comments....just kidding.

Please continue to remember Haiti in your prayers.


Tracy said...

Your church sign actually made me laugh out loud; only in the south.

I too was appalled by Limbaugh's comments. Haiti was a tragedy even before this, now its beyond bad. Definitely praying for that country.

David said...

Well, more disturbing than even Rush, if that is possible, was one our own, Pat Robertson.

Sad, but stupidity seems to sell.

What I want to know is how come it is taking so long to get stuff to Hati? It was like watching Katrina II, people on news footage crying out for help.

Maybe we should let the news media become our emergency response team?

If we are going to talk politics, why don't you help Scott Brown get elected in Massachusetts? It would break the super majority in the Democrat controlled Senate and hopefully slow down the insanity.

The special election is January 19th, and we are getting eight 30 second ads in a row on local TV. It's a BIG deal.

Michelle said...

Should I admit that as I read this I'm watching Derek Dooley's press conference? Should I admit that I was the first to tell my husband about that Kiffin scoundrel?

And that my husband is a Rush lover?

Maybe I shouldn't have read this post.

Anyways...completely agree that we view everything from a self-centered perspective. You do add humility to your blog to present these touchy issues from a godly perspective.

photogr said...

Leave it up to a right wing radical to capitalize on the tragedy in Haiti to denounce the left wing radicals.

I too, feel the cries and anguish of that devistated nation. Much aid is being sent to Haiti as I write but the infrastructure as weak as it was before is now non existent. Thus we have a large amount of poor organization and order in getting the aid out to the areas hardest hit. Perhaps soon an organization can bring order and serve the needy and injured in Haiti.

America has many organizations already on Haitian soil and are working to distribute aid but still a central distribution head is needed to garner efficiency in this time of peril.

All we can do is pray for the Haitians.

katdish said...

I'll confess, I haven't been watching the news much. It's just too much, and the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of talking heads (on either side) attempting to politicize the situation.

You're right. Some things should transcend political affiliation.

Great post, my friend.

myundiary said...

Its is ashamed that Pat Robertson and Rush is making this about "devil worshiping" and "race". There is a group of men, women, and children that are dieing, starving, dead, and struggling...And all these misinformed racists politicians and political groups can think of is it would prove the President Obama is black-enough if he helps out. Wow! And as far as the honeymoon, we didn't have a honeymoon when Bush was here. The President has to come in and deal with the war that Bush stated. Where are those so called weapons of mass destruction now?