Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The American people speak clear and loud...don't miss the message.

Massachusetts's has spoken! In what is sure to go down as one of the biggest upsets in American political history, Scott Brown overcame a better than 20 point poll deficit just a month ago to win the state's open Senate seat left vacant after the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Let the spinning on both sides begin.

To see what angle both sides would take, I flipped back and forth between coverage on Fox News and MSNBC. Just a quick side bar...Keith Olbermann is an arrogant, judgmental, elitist jackass and how he remains on air is completely beyond comprehension. He is the Rush Limbaugh of the left.

So, I'm flipping back and forth and listening as the left-leaners, who look as though they've been punched square in the nose, try to downplay the defeat by emphasising it could ultimately be a good thing for the Democratic Party. You're trying to sell me on losing a 20 point lead to a political nobody in the most crucial race to Democrats since 2008 in a state so blue Crayola is adding Massachusetts Blue to the newest 64 line is a good thing? Pee break necessary from laughing.

Democrats got both arrogance and complacent after 2008. Handing them the keys to the American bus was a call for change from the previous 8 year regime...but you've got to drive the bus somewhere (over a cliff doesn't count)! On an issue as important to the American people as health care blew it! The legislation currently moving through Congress is a complete joke and will know more help the people who need true health care reform than sticking a band-aid on a gaping chest wound. The bill is so full of pork and just plain crap that if signed into law it will be DOA for the American people.

Everyone agrees we need health care reform. Everyday people are being bankrupted by a broken heath care system that can't efficiently fix broken people. More money being tossed on the inferno isn't the answer. The system needs major changes from more open market competition with insurance coverage to tort reform bringing down legal cost. Is greed a factor on all sides? We all know the answer to that question is a resounding yes, so fix the problems...don't add to them.

Democrats stuck their noses up in an air of arrogance after Americans gave them a chance to prove what they could do, and the Democrats quickly forgot We the People refers to all of us. Not just R's & D's. The independent voter has become the majority, and the days of blind party allegiance are coming to a close!

One last point. Wake up when it comes to Tea Party Americans! The movement isn't about Democrat bashing or Obama haters (at least for the mass majority)'s about getting government spending and taxes under control. The Tea Party movement is the exact same movement that wrestled power away from Republicans after they spent 6 years with the keys and drove the bus into a shop for expensive upgrades. Being to the center of right is about being conservative, not Republican. Most Americans want a smaller, less intrusive federal government.

Over on Fox, it was a giddy, backside slapping party the likes of a post Super Bowl gala. Hannity was proclaiming a major victory for Republicans along with a resounding defeat for President Obama and his liberal policies. Let's not get crazy people. Carl Rove repeatedly referred to a major swing in 2010 back to Republicans. Does he really think the public has that short of a memory? A better question is exactly what was his take on the swing away from Republican control about in 2008?

Republicans and Democrats alike need to look at what the real mandate here is from this election... the American people are tired of blind party politics. If neither party can find a way to effectively govern this country without becoming bogged down by special interest groups, corporate money, and corruption...don't get too comfortable in your Washington abodes. We need change! President Obama was elected on his promise of change, and he's failed to deliver to this point. Business as usual is on the way out the door. This election is as much about party politics as Avatar is about fictional blue can mask it that way...but we aren't that stupid thank you.

If it can happen in can happen in Nebraska. Washington needs to either catch on or be prepared to cast off. The American people are starting to see through the masquerade and are beginning to believe that one man, one vote can make a difference. This election is about principle and not party. Lower national debt, fix the broken tax system and health care system, keep us safe with a strong military and stay out of everything else that should be handled at a state level. That's the way our country was established...that's the way it should be today.

Wow...somebody please send me some Tylenol.


Tracy said...

I found it interesting that Eric Fehrnstrom, one of Scott Brown's top strategists, said that "from our own internal polling, the more potent issue here in Massachusetts was terrorism and the treatment of enemy combatants.”

OK, so I also find your comparison of Keith Olbermann to Rush Limbaugh interesting. Flip sides of the same coin?

David said...

I worked hard at getting the voice of real people a voice in Washington.

I am pleased that Scott Brown won. We don't see eye-to-eye on every issue. However; his strength is in places that matter to me as an American.

He's not perfect, and is not a social conservative as most Bible believing Christians are.

What he did deliver is character and passion. His wife BTW - is a newscaster on a local left-leaning station and did not campaign with him, although it was reveled that she voted for him last night.

Character is a good thing.

Senate voices are as loud as they come without being the President. It is interesting that on a few states have mixed party representation in the Senate - I think just 5 - well, now 6.

I, like most Americans, really do want change. Sometimes change is opposition. The Senate majority needed that to better understand what the majority of Americans really want.

It will be a great thing to see states pick up the mantle of health care as Massachusetts already has. Each one can offer whatever amount os assistance they want - just like education, driver licenses, firearms permitting, the right to abortion and gay marriage.

We are a republic, and it makes sense that our government take care of the interstate highway system and national protection. Unfortunately they have gotten their hand in everything else.

I hope this will put on notice, the likes of other national polititions that do what they want, when polls show that it is not want their constituents want.

I have lived in MA for almost 30 years. I never voted for Kennedy, and his work to bring corrupt contractors to a multi-billion dollar fiasco called the Big-Dig and other "pay-offs" is a painful reminder of what big government is all about.

There is a new moderate party that has gained the most traction in RI, check them out.

L said...

Excellent post, excellent insight, always entertaining.

So excited about the winds of change.

Enjoyed reading David's comments as well.

I linked to you today.

Michelle said...

Apparently whoever sent you that email last week left an impression.

photogr said...

Actually both parties have sold the country down the river for too long.

We actually need to have a new party put in the spot light that favors the principles that our founding fore fathers designed and built this country on.

It is appearent both paties have shown favoritism to special interest groups over the voters for too long and both parties have favored taking God out of America and the constitution.

It is time for the American "citizens" ("emphasized") to take back their judicial system and government from the liberal left wing socialist and the right wing big business pacifist in order to rectify the wrongs Washington has for so long been enjoying at our expense.

I now quietly step off my soap box.

AtlantaMama said...


David said...

@Larry - how many soapboxes do you have? ;o)

I am still convinced that Christians need to articulate their worldview biblically, and write it down, publish and start using it as a the sword that it is meant to be.

If we are against abortion or gay marriage or whatever, we need to say why. Otherwise we too become sheeple and not sheep.

Z said...

David, I heard Brown say his wife didn't have to seem neutral anymore.
I liked most of your post but I disagree with MODERATE being something to be pleased about....I think people are so unhappy with progressives that even the media and professor-induced HATE THE CONSERVATIVES indoctrination is wearing a tiny thin.

Tony...I saw Olbermann late that night as he was the only one showing Brown's speech again, and he stopped the tape of Brown just as he finished introducing and telling about his wife and girls and said "Well, we'd better stop here or we'll be regaled with family chowder recipes" The man can't be too near wholesome for too long or he implodes.

I think that election was the happiest thing I've had since I lost my Mr Z.... And I think I had more calls that night than RNC headquarters!!