Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At times you'd take the fun out of pie...but then I really like cake anyway.

Sandwiched between the Month of Holidays (December) and the Month of Love (February) is, I'm convinced, the Month of Dark Depression. Now don't worry...I'm not standing on a ledge somewhere pounding out my last blog post before taking the great plunge and splat. I'm mentally and emotionally sound...well... relatively speaking that is depending on who you might ask. There doesn't seem to be any lasting residual effects from my bout with Swine Flu either. I'm good.

It just seems that driving to work in the dark...to face a backlog of forgotten work from December that's just now flooding in to be addressed...only to get to the point of finally driving home in the dark...it's just darn depressing. It's like watching that last Batman movie or The Empire Strikes Back over and over, every single day. Sure there are moments of excitement, like lunch or maybe a little Facebook time, but the grind goes dark morning to evening dusk. Grrrr...

To top it off, most of the television stations with any educational or cultural value have simultaneously decided to run shows about the 1000 ways the end of the world might happen. As improbable as death by styrofoam-loaded landfills might be...I still really don't want to think about it...please.

There's more...Mrs. Tony C has decided (for the first time) she wants us to watch the new season of The Biggest Loser together as our show...which I might add features the largest people the show has seen to date. Great. As if the extra pounds from the Month of Holidays is making me feel real good about myself about now anyway. Duh.

Up next, the Month of Love with all the decedent chocolates and other sweets...closely followed by Easter and all that candy and family meals that it brings. I've yet to make the correlation between the death and resurrection of our living Savior and chocolate, creme-filled bunny eggs...but that's another post for later I suppose.

(Sigh). Mrs. Tony C came right out the other day and accused me of becoming too negative or jaded. Well wooptie-dooptie doo! What does she expect after she declared our house a soda-free zone. Besides, all I got for Christmas was a big flat-screen HD television and DVD sound system, a number of other assorted thoughtfully nice gifts, a very good Christmas bonus, plenty of time with all of my family and friends that included my 95-year old grandmother, great food, good times and memories, two paid 4-day weekends, and a quite evening at home with her to ring in the new year.

Just what the heck do I have to be so flippin' happy about? It's not like the two-year old is potty trained already or something. Geeezzzz...


Michelle said...

LOL. You sound like me. You also need to read or reread the last part of my Rejoice post. :)

BTW- The Biggest Loser is on so you best be watchin' right now!

David said...

Dark to dark - that is the most depressing.

A little bit of sunshine and warm weather should pull me out of this tailspin.

photogr said...

Yes the weather these days do seem to depress one quickly and to have the flu on top of that really knocks you for a loop mentaly.

I just wished the science channel and the History channel could get the truth right when they cover biblical events history. It is so lop sided with biased views that I change the channels. Must be a bunch of Humanist propagandist as producers.

I usually don't get depressed but this winter and the current shenanigans in Washington has prompted me to ponder packing up and heading to the tropics for a deserted island so I can watch the world pass me by.

Yep that should get me rejuvenated. No contacts, no people, no Internet, No Doctor bills, no phones, no money, no hypocritic church, no satelite TV, and no worries. UUUMMM ! Now I am really depressed!

BeckeyZ said...

LOL...I'm sorry, it's just when I got to the part about your wife wanting you to watch "the Biggest Loser" as a couple, I just kinda had to giggle. We're good here if we can find any show we both agree upon, so the tv usually stays on the news, which is also, btw, pretty depressing.

My escape is going to the kids room for a quick fix of stupid fun with SpongeBob.

Burkulater said...

Ah, and then we have the hope for spring. This post probably resonates with everyone who reads it.

My kid's principal just told me that 5 parents told her they were divorcing in this month alone.

I'm ready for some more vitamin D.

Tracy said...

OK, who could help but laugh when you wrote that your wife wants Biggest Loser to be your show to watch together?! Sounds like torture to me...I can rarely ever get into any reality shows.

Spring is just around the corner...