Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Cracker Barrel for me this year...just Zumba!

To say I love my wife would be the greatest of understatements...

My one and only Valentine today is everything to me. But I'll spare you the mushy, sloppy details. I need to say no more about my love and commitment to my Mrs. Tony C than this:

I'm going to Zumba tonight! Eyah!

That's right. Not some fancy restaurant with low lighting and half chocolate covered fruit. Not a quick overnight get away with no kids present or pajamas required. Not even a simple date night of nothing more than Applebee's and a chick flick. Nope.

Instead, I'm going to a room full of women people and sweating like a...well, you know...while I shake my groove thing.  Just call it love.

Truth be told, I'd do it naked in my front yard (at least until the police arrived or my neighbor mercy killed me with a head shot) if that's what she wanted. I can say that with complete confidence because I know good and well Jesus will be back before that thought ever transposes from her mind to mouth. But I'd sure do it!

It's just too easy to Hallmark or Russell Stovers your feelings on a day like today. Don't get me wrong... I respect and applaud those of you making that effort. I've just used up all such simplistic offerings of affection while making up for my many other bonehead moves and comments through my near eight years of marriage to the most of perfect of brides. An angel on Earth if there ever was one I tell you! 

Yep...I'm working on a whole different level here guys. Not to mention in just a mere 90 day window, I go through Christmas, her birthday, Valentines Day and our anniversary...celebrating the absolute greatest day of my life!

Poetic justice on a guy who once loathed and despised Valentines Day.

So tonight, I'll don my stretchy pants and vest and anchor that back row down with hooting and hollering as if Ricky Martin himself were leading the class. Wait...that was way too gay and dated...as if Selena Gomez were up front.

No wait! My wife leads the class! And does the absolute best job ever too!

Wonder if it's too late to get roses...

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