Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nothing displays your true character quite like sticky-backed colored paper...

There are a number of things I observe and find amusing while on my daily commute to and from work each workday...

I love to see people jamming and singing in their cars because...well... I too am a rock star on wheels with a range of vocals, air instrument talents and genres that put Burt Bacharach to shame. Okay... maybe that's just Sesame Street's Bert to shame. Concerts daily for two shows only.

Then there's the 'dodge and weave' drivers that I just love bottling up with the strategic cooperation of a slow, left-lane driver. Slow down fool!  Bwhahaha! Very entertaining. (I just might have control issues...)

But oh how I love the bumper stickers! I got this picture sitting at a red light watching a middle-aged white guy smoking a cigarette waiting for the light too. Buddhist in East Tennessee?! That would be quite unique. Wonder what the Tibetan Monks would think about him flicking his cigarette butt out on the ground?

Let's take a look at a few of my favorite bumper decors I see with commuting frequency-

Hmmm. What Good Book they are reading?

Mean? Yes. But I chuckle anyway.

No...this isn't my pastor's vehicle. (He has the Rosie one)
Might be a bit of a mixed message. Doesn't make it not true though...

I'd just like to...nope...second thoughts...leaving this one alone.

Fellow graduate from the Academy of Sarcasm.


Then there's the one that drives my absolutely crazy (previous rant)-

I've got an idea to fix and correct this pop culture poison...what do you think?

Pretty sure I'll be hearing from the political correctness police or somebody's attorney soon...

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