Thursday, June 23, 2011

I might just be in the wrong line of work...

I  was watching TV last night when an ad for the Christian dating site, Christian Mingle, aired. Sure. I've seen these ads from time to time without much thought, but what intrigued me last night was the ad was actually on The Science Channel. Not GodTV, TBN or the Osteen Channel (if there is such a thing).

So I'm sitting there watching Morgan Freeman* spew some nonsense about the fabric of time and how one day soon humans will be zipping around the universe by ripping holes in this fabric and doubling back something another when I suddenly see this commercial showing single Christians running around on the beach looking for love.


My guess is all of the atheist/agnostic types watching and hanging on every word of Freeman were pretty ticked. How dare they interrupt the very proof  that I am not in fact delusional?! This stuff is science!  Whatever Thomas Dolby.

(Side bar: I find it ironic that the very actor who played the role of the Almighty so elegantly in Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty is selling this crap...but that's just me.)

Now the fact that an ad showing single Christians (or actors playing such) frolicking around and having a good time might actually irritate an atheist brought a smile to me face. No. I know that's not very WWJD. I'm working on it.

The commercial made me realize that, as a whole, Christians don't do a lot of advertising for our faith. Why? Are we worried about being politically correct or sensitive? Bah! Nonsense. Are we falling into some type of kumbaya let's all coexist mentality? Don't even get me started on that...again. Actually, I think we've, Christians that is,  just become complacent and lazy. Commercial advertising is a powerful force in our society. How else can you  explain the commercial success of all that junk Ronco sold for years? Pocket Fishman and Veg-O-Matic...come on!

I started thinking about targeted venues that would be perfect for Christian advertisements on just how wonderful a relationship with Jesus can actually be and the overall awesomeness of God, creator of all things. Since we don't won't the proverbial preaching to the choir scenario, the intended audience would need to be mostly comprised of non-believers, backsliders and the theologically confused. Here's just a few possibilities...

1.  Popular beach destinations. No brainer. Practically the Sodom and Gomorrah's of modern days. People are half naked, all those pineapple filled drinks with the little umbrellas, and the misconception that God doesn't like hot weather. Nothing would remind people faster that God doesn't take vacations, He's still everywhere than looking up and seeing that messaged being pulled behind an airplane while you're sunbathing. Brilliant!

2.  The Disney Channel/Cartoon Network. Look at the success the tobacco industry has had getting customers started young. They've build lifetime loyalty. Albeit often shortened lifetimes, but hey...a sale's a sale...get it while you can. There's potential here for a two birds, one stone kill too. Maybe the kids will take hold of the message and minister to the very parents who neglect them by allowing them to watch too much television. Brilliant!

3. NASCAR. Whoa Nelly... wait, wrong sport...Boogity Boogity, Boogity! While Darrell Waltrip is famous for those words, he's also very outspoken about his Christian faith. NASCAR has a number of pious participants I'm glad to say, so why doesn't the Church (notice the capitalization please) sponsor a car? I can't think of a more cost effective means of advertising our faith than putting the message on a stock car going around in a circle in front of a captivated, often intoxicated, crowd of 100K plus...not to mention the millions of TV viewers. Now that's...Brilliant!

That just scratches the surface of the numerous opportunities ripe for the Christian advertising taking. Have an idea? Be sure to leave it in the comments section. I'll make sure you get credit when your idea becomes the next "Where's the beef?!"  success story.'s the WWJD thing to do.

*I confess to watching these type of shows so I can heckle and berate them out loud. I just didn't want you to think I was strange or something. 


Jeff said...

I love the NASCAR idea! I saw the commercial as well last night, but I don't remember which channel.

Jeff said...

If Mormons can do commercials, surely we can (and don't call you Shirley!)

Also, I received a Pocket Fisherman as a Christmas gift during its heyday. To bad it didn't really work.

But commercials would work. Who would collect the money and produce the commercials?

Mesha said...

I LOVE, the NASCAR idea too! One of my ALL-TIME, best placed, joy bringing billboards of ALL times is one I see often when I'm going to visit my family in Western KS. A church bought a billboard directly in front of an adult store alongside the highway. It says, "Pornography kills and destroys, Jesus heals and restores." On the flip side it says something about Immorality destroying homes or familes or something and how there is hope found in Jesus. Everytime I see that sign I think, "MAN! I want to get the number to that Church just to thank their Pastor!" I LOVE IT! Sure, it probaby gets mocked, cursed at and ridiculed quite often by pedophile looking creepers and truck drivers at 1am, but I think it also makes one pause if even for a brief moment and realize exactly what they are doing whether they still choose to continue on or not.

Anyhow, with that being said, local newspaper ads, secular radio stations, THE SUPER BOWL!!! OMGOODNESS...the SUPER BOWL!!!

I like your thought process Tony C.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the same thing about the bruce almighty thing. I saw him when I first moved into my dorm on tv and I was kinda just like....really?