Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wonder if Hallmark has a card for that?'s Tax Day. The annual apex of revenue information collecting that exemplifies all that is wrong with government today. Aren't we so lucky it falls right in the middle of the 2010 Census too!

Our government at work...busy little bureaucratic bees buzzing around being...well...busy. Busy, busy, busy. The hive got a lot bigger over the reign of Queen Bee George W, and Queen Bee Barack's time looks to be one of the biggest hive expansions yet. More and more bees...buzzing around being busy. So many new bees, it will be hard to find things for every bee to do in order to stay busy.

Expansion is good! The busy bees will be able to do so much more for everyone. Making the economy, health care, education, and our infrastructure all much keeping everyone safe from the Taliban bees and other nasty hives...that takes a lot of bees. And bees need money....I mean ...honey. They're going to need a lot of honey! Not everyone will have to give up more honey this year, regardless of what the Republican bees are buzzing about...but next year...oh momma! The hive will need a lot of honey. A whole lot of honey!

But look at all the great things the hive gives back with all that honey! Banks and car manufacturers are safe and sound. The stock market is soaring again and now the federal hive won't just guarantee your student loans...they'll be the ones giving you the money...honey! That's some pretty smart thinking I tell you. Cut out the middle man and make it cheap for poor kids trying to go to college. Hey! Maybe the hive should just run the colleges and universities too. Now that's a brilliant idea! Cars, health care, banks, defense...why not education?

This is looking up to be a swell season. Oops. Probably shouldn't use a descriptive word that's also associated with allergies and all the negative stuff about pollen and honey making. No...change swell to neat...that works much better. Neat season...neat hive...neat busy little bees. Honey...honey...honey.

Times are good in the hive. As long as we never have another bad winter...ahhhh...let's not think about that! We have plenty of honey to go around forever and ever. Just like a great big bee hive making more and more honey, big government is such a great service to everyone too. So organized and efficient. How would we ever survive without it?! So you might get stung a few problem!

That is unless you're allergic of course...then you've got really big problems! But we won't talk about that negative stuff. We'll worry about that a maybe a lot...later. There will be new bees in the hive by then anyway.


myundiary said...

I have been away from the blogosphere for a while. Yet, this is the most entertaining post that I have read yet. Oh, my busy bee's. You are a great, writer, Tony. Good post!

David said...

One of your best , honey. *muah*

Funny for a moment, and sad for a lifetime. The mid-terms can't get her fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! We should all become busy bees buzzing around the federal hive. I am so glad we have progressed to the point that our economy doesn't need to produce a good or service to sustain our way of life....

photogr said...

Nice metaphors. But it doesn't put enough honey on the fact that our economy is not turning around as we are led to believe

Michelle said...

Funny Honey! teehheee! How creative!

katdish said...

Do I detect a wee amount of sarcasm in that post, Tony?

P.S. - I love your new blog header. What a great picture! Still miss the Jim Carrey one though...

David said...

I am with Keith - manufacturing and software jobs are going overseas at a record rate. We are also importing doctors at a record rate from other countries.

Hmm - and the teachers unions have education locked up so there is no competition claiming that they need more money. I'd like to see a bonus for teachers that excel, and some incentives for kids to learn something other than what brand bra Paris Hilton wears. Add to that the rewriting of history (you previous blogs) and I can't see how we are going to improve anything in the US. WE are going to tax entrepreneurs into a state where they won't want to take the risk of wealth redistribution.

1/3 of the jobs created in February were census workers, and the new health care bill created 16K more IRS positions to enforce the penalties for not having HC.

I suppose that China is the blue collar suburb of Washington, DC now

So watch - they will jam through bank reform and immigration amnesty before the mid-terms; setting us up to support as many as 20 million more Americans with health care (add to the 32 million we already have) and making it mandatory to bail out irresponsible banks.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.