Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm sure glad I don't live in a glass house...

Okay. I promised to get back on the lighter side this week...let's go plummeting in that direction now.

To blog is to bare one's soul. Don't know that to be an original idiom, so I won't take credit just yet. What I do know is when you're a blogger, you probably reveal more about yourself to perfect strangers than maybe you should...well...at least I'm guilty of that. Reader's of Tony C Today ride that roller coaster called life with me every week. Some weeks are jovial...some more melancholy. Some subjects require a dose of heavy reverence...and some just a sense of humor and a touch of comic timing...or at least a healthy appreciation of sarcasm.

Once again, I'm ripping the shorts down to bare all as I streak through cyberspace to reveal...I love reality television. There. I'm at your mercy.

Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, and Keeping up with the Kardashians are just a few of my vices (I'm really ashamed of that last one and now must also face ridicule from Mrs. Tony C, whom I regularly berate over 'watching such trash' while secretly paying attention myself to see if Khloe is just crazy enough to move to New York on her own. Gasp!).

I'm finally off Survivor since the All-Star episode several years back, but I can get sucked into a marathon of Deadliest Catch or Ice Road Truckers and lose an entire Saturday...and sometimes, I don't even shower those days! Am I crying out for an intervention? Do I desperately need help? Should I sell my collection of The Osbournes DVD's on eBay and just be done with it all?

Then there's Jon and Kate Plus 8...the one show I went kicking and screaming into just so I could spend a little more time with the wife. How in the world could a show be appealing that involves eight little kids running around screaming and crying on camera? Sounds more like birth control to me. But, I watched starting in Season 2, then caught up on Season 1 during reruns. Before I knew it, I found myself truly concerned that Cara and Mady, aka the twins, might be feeling left out with all the attention paid to the sextuplets. I wondered if Joel would come out of his shell and establish himself with his other siblings. I cringed when Kate was hateful and demeaning to Jon...I mean...this is television lady...and nothing says emasculation like a smack down in front of millions of weekly viewers.

At the much anticipated beginning of Season 3, the whole gang goes to the zoo for the day. This is where the show really started losing me. The Gosselins had become quasi-celebrities from the first two seasons and all the promotional efforts of TLC, so their trip to the zoo was actually a behind the scenes tour with VIP treatment. Then only a few episodes later, Kate starts interviewing for a nanny. What?! Yep...a nanny. Slowly the show loses more and more appeal because it's no longer about the struggles of just Jon and Kate raising eight kids. They've started succumbing to the trappings of being famous.

The kicker was in Season 3 when Jon gets free hair transplants from a specialist in Los Angeles. This is reality? I think it's far from it...and at this point, I'm not buying what this reality show is selling. Don't even get me started on their Hawaii trip in Season 4...

Today, things have just broken completely apart for Jon and Kate. He's cheating...she's cheating...he's leaving...it's all a great big tabloid-ridden mess! Jon and Kate have become Jerry Springer material. Now there's a reality show that should be cancelled. What kind of person watches that Jerry Springer trash? Beats me...


David said...

I feel like I have just lost an arm wrestling match with a broken wrist and a torn rotor-cuff. I mean who has time to watch TV at all? Me and the misses are still trying to find time to watch the ending to American Beauty.

But I gotta get going here... I think there is a Miami Vice I haven't seen yet. ;o]

Northwest Minuteman said...

interesting blog! Another you might enjoy:


Lula! said...

And this is exactly why I do not watch anything on TV. Now that Lost is off and BSG is gone for good. Sigh...

Oh, but True Blood returns in a few weeks. And what's a good occultic show if not entertaining. (I kid.)

Laretha said...

I love TV - I love reality TV, just not enough time for it.

I have only watched Jon and Kate +8 one time and I HATED the way she talked to him. So disrespectful and mean spirited!

I find it incredibly sad that we have made their marital strife entertainment news. VERY SAD!

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Mrs. Tony C said...

My hubby likes Keeping Up With the Kardashians.... I'm shocked... now onto The Real Housewives. I will win you over in no time!!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Really Tony, the Kardashians? Tsk Tsk ;)

eaglegirl said...

The Real Housewives of New York is the best and funniest, I must confess!
Oh, but I want Project Runway to come back the new copy cat just doesn't cut it.
I am so sad about Jon and Kate's marriage. Only started watching reruns recently. I pray they get it together and fall in love with each other again. And to publicly come across as a Christian and be so mean to her husband=not good.
And I hope the kids aren't messed up for life. That will be a lot of counseling sessions to pay for.
Speaking of counseling maybe TLC should ante up some money for marriage counseling. But no cameras allowed.

Chris Denning said...

I was intrigued by Jon and Kate but I noticed right away that they didn't really like each other. Have you seen the Duggars, Eighteen and Counting? Much more satisfying and uplifting. They love each other and their family.

NC Sue said...

I've been trying to understand the attraction of reality shows, and so I read your post with GREAT interest.

I still don't understand it.

Dancing Phalanges said...

Tony - I could not agree more about how Kate treats Jon. In fact, I recently blogged about it myself. Found you through Lula's blog. Good stuff!!

Even if they are a little offbeat, I really do enjoy watching the Duggars on TV :) They are MUCH more down to earth!