Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You can laugh if you want, but...

If you didn't see President Obama on 60 Minutes Sunday night, please take the time to watch this 10 minute excerpt. Pay particular attention to around the 3:30 mark when Steve Kroft calls the Prez out for laughing at some of the issues they are discussing.

I don't think you find any of this humorous if you've lost your job, house and/or life savings during the current economic crisis.

He comes across to me as 'in over his head'...but I'll continue to withhold opinion until the situation runs its course.


katdish said...

Um....yeah. Ditto.

I've heard it's a nervous habit to laugh at things that aren't funny, which, to me, makes you look like a real *sshole on national television.

Dave said...

Thanks for posting this Tony. This is the first chance I've had to see it. I think he's clueless as to how to fix the economic situation and I loved his answer to the question of is there a limit to how much we can afford to spend trying to fix it. He basically said there is, but he don't know what that limit is. Nice! Looks like we can look forward to more spending bills.

Thanks for your note on my last post. I appreciate the encouragement. Being the parent of a teenager is certainly a challenge. At least my 13 year old is a boy, which I think is a little easier. But my youngest 2 are girls so my times coming soon.

katdish said...

Seriously, Tony...

WHAT IS THAT SONG YOU PUT IN MY COMMENTS SECTION? It's driving me nuts! (Which, as you know, is a short trip.)

I checked out your new blog, BTW. Now I'm hungry. I love me some lima beans! Also, I think it's funny that you have "the cutest blog on the block!"

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Obama's whole administration is starting to look like the special olympics...

...sorry, that was inappropriate. I retract my statement and regret any offense I may have caused. The staff members that wrote that comment have been fired.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Dittos to ya, Tony!

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Lula! said...

In over his head?

Yep. And he has been for the past 5years.

Annie K said...

@ Matt, thanks for the chuckle (because of course it was absurd).

Tony, what Kat said. (I usually say that when she speaks so eloquently as she did here.)