Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fatuity...whoopee!

Works been crazy this week, so I've not been musing much. I have been reading and commenting where compelled (and yes Katdish, I got the monkey/drummer reference) guys are a really talented group!

Here's a funny cartoon I snagged along the way, and a vintage commercial inspired by Lulaville's posted commercial (another classic, although mine is much me). I've got the teenager and toddler repeating the catch phrase from the commercial...I strive for cultured kids...even if it's pop culture. Bonus, there's lessons on economics and manners included.

Have a great weekend with worship services filled with the Holy Spirit!


Luke said...

Wii Pray - [smile] Good stuff.


Beth in NC said...

That is cute! Ha. And it takes you back to see those old commercials.

Have a super blessed weekend!

katdish said...

Oh, man. I'm old. I remember those commercials. But my parents never bought me one of those gumball machines. I feel cheated.

Z said...

I'm old but I don't remember that commercial. Heck, HORROR OF HORRORS! Maybe THAT's why I DON"T REMEMBER IT!? I'm OLD! Heh!

Ha...not THAT old. :-) I'

Have a blessed weekend yourself, Tony.....

mistymorningmountain said...

Z -

You're 29? Shut the heck up!

David said...

Hey, I was looking for you at Cracker Barrel... then my wife infromed that it was a chain. ;o[

You would think that Washington would get the Micky Mouse gumball principal-- that you have to pay for what you get from the machine.