Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's take a cup of kindness people...for auld lang syne!

If you think I'm at all worried about the impending destruction of the world this year...better think again Jack.

I find a tremendous amount of humor in the time and energy spent discussing and debating the 'great end of the world' as allegedly predicted by the subsequent ending of an extinct culture's calendar.

Has anyone stop to think maybe Mesoamericans couldn't count past 1,383,136? Maybe there is no 1,383,137 in their numbering system? How about the fact that the end of the current Mayan Long Count Calendar is the thirteenth such ending without a major hitch...well...aside from the fact the Mesoamerican culture ended in the 16th century, and their calendar sure didn't predict that.

Yep, not losing much sleep over this one.

Plus, I've resolved to be more positive in 2012, and fixating on global destruction kind of goes in a different direction. Keeping resolution is hard enough without the looming fear of end of times. Think about it...if you resolved to lose weight this year and hold to the belief the world is coming to an end in December...what's the point? I say die fat and happy! Besides, we're all getting new bodies on the other side anyway.

If you've resolved to save more money in 2012 but feel validity in the global demise on the forthcoming winter solstice...duh...you can't take it with you, and who really cares about a plump portfolio when plumes of inter-Earth fire are springing up all around us! I say investing in a fire-proof safe room for your house or at least a swimming pool might be a smarter move than the IPO of the month.

So, you've resolved to learn a new language, get more organized and/or give up that lifelong vice in 2012 but know time is short with less than 353 days to go until...bam...world destruction.  Look on the bright side Sunshine. This is a leap year and you have a whole extra day to get it done (or maybe undone if applicable)!

Three days in...I'm still resolution strong and charged like an ion.

Happy New Years to all. Let's have a great year together!



David-FireAndGrace said...

If you can't predict your own demise, why not leave the rest of us alone.

Happy New Year amigo!

Tracy said...

Too funny about how maybe the Mesoamericans couldn't count that high. Good for you on having resolutions and sticking to 'em!