Thursday, November 10, 2011

I know exactly how Chesty Puller would have handled this...

Happy Birthday Marines! God bless all those serving and those who have served in the beloved United States Marine Corps!

I'm just highly aggravated that on the day we celebrate our Corps' 236th birthday, the story overshadowing the celebration is coming from University Park Pennsylvania.

The story itself makes me sick enough.

As students riot to protest the firing of their beloved Joe Pa, someone at Penn State needs to do a little educating and tell the rioters they need to grow up because they are clearly on the wrong side of this one.

For those of you oblivious to the circus surrounding the storied university, a former football coach has been arrested on allegations of sexual molestation of minors. To make a repulsive story even worse, the allegation go back over 9 years and involve multiple cover ups and head turnings from not only the head coach Joe Paterno, but also numerous university administrative staff to include the university president AND local police.

Paterno's part in this is the classic ostrich defense...head straight in the sand. That's a problem Joe. When you were made aware from an eye witness who watched one of your coaches, a then 60 year old man, showering and touching a 10 year old boy...the proverbial ball was in your court to do the right thing.

I've got a problem with the witness for not dragging the sick jerk kicking and screaming out of the shower for the beating of his life in defense of that kid too. There's a larger moral obligation at work here that completely overrides any legal and ethical considerations...which are also numerous.

We live in a warped culture that protects pedophiles to prevent reputable damage to our beloved institution which in this case is a college football program and it's legendary coach. Penn State has fired Paterno, the president and a number of other school officials, but the university, along with local law enforcement, are still culpable for the situation playing out for 9 years. Disgusting.

To further prove my point of contention, people still idolize the late Michael Jackson and buy his stuff.  Don't give me any of that he was never proven crap either. Ridiculous.

In my opinion, taking the innocent life of someone is the only crime more heinous than molesting a child. It's a perversion with devastating effects on the victims who are often is too ashamed to come forward to confront perpetrators. As a society, we are often guilty of the same naivety as Paterno and don't want to be bothered with the messy aftermath of the crime.

How arrogantly egotistical we've become... 


Dave said...

Very well stated, Tony. Everyone that participated in the cover up and did nothing to prevent further incidents should also be prosecuted as far as I'm concerned, including Paterno.

David-FireAndGrace said...


Keith said...

Well said friend. We have certainly lost our way.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the Catholic church molestation problems and cover up?