Thursday, May 5, 2011

My prayer today for the National Day of Prayer...

Almighty God, thank you for the blessing of prayer. The opportunity to directly talk to You, our Creator, our Heavenly Father. My prayer today is one of thanksgiving, but also one of need. We have made our world a mess, and my country continues to turn away from You. Please Father forgive us and give me the strength to reflect Your love and mercy in my daily life so others may come to know and honor You and receive pardon from the sin that surrounds us each day through your grace and mercy. Please lead and guide our country's leaders to bring this country back to the God fearing nation we once were so that You might receive the honor and glory for all that is done, and the United States can once again be a light of hope for a lost and dying world.

Be with President Obama as he leads our nation. May his convictions always reflect You, and may he always seek Your counsel in every decision he makes. Watch over his family and protect them. Be with his advisers and counsel as they mold the laws and policies that govern our nation and ultimately affect our world. My prayer is that each of them also look to You for courage and wisdom. Be with our Congressional leaders and our Justices on the Supreme Court. May every decision made be mindful of Your commandments as established in Your Holy Word.

I pray Father that you will protect our service men and women. Bless them Lord for having the courage to fight and serve so that we can go about living our lives in freedom. Be with the families of those who are deployed abroad. Comfort and protect them in Your loving way.

Thank you for loving me and saving my soul. I'm not and never will be worthy of such amazing love...but I will be thankful to You each and every day. Please forgive me when I fail you and give me clarity to better understand Your will for my life. Father, thank you for my country and the blessings of living in a nation where I can worship and honor You in freedom. I pray for my brothers and sisters that don't have the opportunities to gather freely in Your name and face persecution for their faith in You. Bless and comfort them as only You can Father.

There is a great need among Your people Father and many have requested to be remembered in prayer. Please touch and bless each one according to Your perfect will. You know the needs of each as You know the number of hairs on every head. I lift their request up to You and thank You for allowing me to do so. I love You Abba Father and pray these things in the Holy name of Your Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ.


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