Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a heart felt thank you...

I could have seriously done without this past weekend...

I'm not going to use this post to gripe and moan about what my baby girl went through this past weekend and a few days before that. Things could have been a lot worse...much worse. She's doing okay now and on the way to recovery, and I'm very thankful.

She was a real trooper through it all too. Rarely crying out the numerous times she was stuck and poked...tugged and stretched. It was heartbreakingly painful to stand by and watch. But I'm not going to complain...it could have been worse.

What I am going to do is take this opportunity to express my love and appreciation for the numerous calls, text, Facebook messages, emails and visits. I'm also not forgetting the many prayers and warm sentiments from so many of you that were done so privately. My feelings in response are just...overwhelming.

Nothing excites me more than to see apathy die. To watch a rally call for someone or some cause go out and not go unanswered.  For others to acknowledge they know you have a need at that moment in life, and yes it's important enough for me to think more about you...if even for a few seconds. That is unbridled love...that is God.

Thank you Melissa, the nurse on station, who recognized the whole stinking ordeal was hard on everyone, especially the 3 year old sister who couldn't understand why mommy and daddy were away from home so much. She cherishes her teddy bear.

Thank you Dr. Bullman for treating my baby girl as if she were your own and not just another number on a chart. Her mother and I took note and pray a prayer of thanks for you.

Thank you Keith and Linda for your visits and support. Johnson City isn't just 'dropping by' and took effort on your part. You are special people that shine brightly for the God we love and serve.

Thank you David for your concern and prayers from so far away. Though we have never met face-to-face, I think of you as a brother and thank our Father for crossing our paths is such a unique manner.

Thank you Ralph for the sympathy heard in your voice each time I called to update you. Although our beliefs on faith are very different, our compassion for our children is equally shared. They are a precious gift that must be protected...and most importantly loved.

Just a few of the so many I could mention that made the past five days more bearable. Thank you each and every one. In the grand scheme of my baby girl's life, just a minor speed bump in what will hopefully be a long and  fruitful adventure. But it's hard to see that in the moment...while wallowing in the despair of the unknown. Thanks for being there for us...once again.

Friday I write about my favorite Bible verse over on Kingdom Bloggers...but here's the spoiler just for you. God is love...and I've seen a lot of Him over the past few days. That is hope that just can't be replaced.



Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Tony, glad to hear things are on their way up. I'll continue to pray for you.

Jenn4him said...

Oh my, look at that sweet little trooper! Praising the LORD that she is doing better. Hang in there. My son spent his first 30 days in NICU with two surgeries. Now he is a big, healthy 9 year old.

Mesha said...

Praise God that she's strong and making it through - GOD IS GOOD TONY C! God Bless brother.

Tracy said...

Glad to read that your baby girl is on the way to recovery, and that God blessed you with some good folks at the hospital. Know that you and yours remain in my prayers

Michelle said...

So happy she is home! Hopefully you all are getting some much needed rest...will continue to pray for you all.

David said...

Thanks for the gratitude Mr. C. I think this is how we met a couple of years back.

Blessings to you and yours - and thanks for your friendship.