Monday, June 7, 2010

Okay. I just stink at that...

Blogging has been a tremendous blessing to me. Before I started pecking muses on a keyboard coming up on two years now, I struggled with finding a release for the inner-Dave Barry bottled within me. Don't take that wrong. I would never be bold enough to state or claim my writings to be at the Pulitzer level of Barry, but I needed a venue to express what I had to say without the stresses of it actually being my job to say it...or something like that.

Blogging has become my exercise when it comes to stress relief (yes, I know I still need to actually physically exercise...just go along with the metaphor). Writing a post is my time...a sanctuary. I personally know very few people who blog, yet I've made dozens of new friends and acquaintances in the process. While I write for myself first and foremost, I also feel there is a part of me that writes for you just because you take the time to stop and read what I have to say. Some of you even comment...

Comments. There's an area I seriously find lacking on my part. The question though is 'why?' I completely enjoy the vast majority of post I read each week. Yes, some aren't to my liking...but that's just me! If you take the time to share, I can at least take the time to thoughtfully comment. Not one of those generic 'great post' comments either. I'm talking about a heartfelt moment of appreciation always mindful not to try and be cute or overpowering.

I just finished up my lunch as I write today. Mrs. Tony C does me right on the days she packs my lunch each and every time. Today, my tucked away surprise was a couple of strawberry Newtons. Now what's not to love about that! I absolutely adore her thoughtfulness of making sure my lunch isn't just another boring moment to stuff my face... there's a little newton of joy waiting to say 'I thought about you today and wanted you to know it.'

There's a lesson in my lunch. Maybe that's exactly how I need to approach making comments on the blog post of other bloggers. I mean, if you can take the time to lay out your thoughts and ideas, to share moments from your life with complete strangers, and to provoke emotions ranging from sorrow to reverence...the least I can do is be a strawberry Newton for you.

Not the actual meal...just a tasty little nugget of joy to let you know I care.

I promise to work on that...


David said...

I always want to do a guy response - "Strawberry Newtons?"

But more deeply, I have been reading your blog since the time you were doing something about songs - 70's songs. Maybe right before that you wrote about a woman at work with cancer - and the hopelessness of positive thinking.

We have fared the political firestorms of the last presidential election, your 1st 100, the death of a pop star, teenagers, the stupidity of the Peace Prize, shed a tear or two for the fallen, and had a few laughs. Oh, and I am proud to have made mention in your second Vlog - like you know what I actually wear.

I am looking forward to the day the day we co-write a super sarcastic blog in Jesus' name.

God bless you brother.

Michelle said...

Right there with you. I read a lot of blogs and comment on very few.

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my posts! I'm so bad at creating a blog following if it weren't for you, Tracy, and Chelle...I may be left without followers! :( oh well...good thing I just like to write...and to make Nate's family talk about me. (teeheehee)

And when I don't comment on just means I didn't get it. ???? you've been around a few years longer and sometimes your funny goes way over my head.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

As much as I love comments, I've slowly come to accept that 90% of readers will never comment. Never ever. And while it sometimes seems strange there are people reading who I'll never connect with, it's one of the most basic truths of blogs.

Though I'm all for more people commenting - I'd always be behind that!

Tracy said...

I so relate to your words about blogging being an exercise in stress relief & a sanctuary. I also do not know anyone in my "regular life" who blogs but have been delighted by the people I've "met" via the blog thing.

Chris Denning said...

Just want you to know, your comments on my blog have always encouraged me, even when you just say, "Great blog!" It's hard to comment on everything, though. We don't always have profound words that will bring grace to those who hear, which is my resolve whenever I blog. Not that I live up to it, but to prevent foolishness from coming out of my mouth, often I remain silent.

Mesha said...

You serious Mr Newton? I LOVE it when you comment on my blog, it is always heartfelt, encouraging and a reminder that someone IS reading and cares even the least bit about what I have to say, my journey and what it is I may be going through in life. Now, knowing who I am I totally have to crack a joke about this stateent: "Blogging has become my exercise when it comes to stress relief (yes, I know I still need to actually physically exercise..."...for the obvious reasons that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! haha. (for anyone reading, not cracking wise jokes on Mr. Newton, my blog is centered around weight loss). Blogging is a great stress reliever and it's how I personally process a LOT of my thoughts. I've got a private one just for prayer and processing. I remember writing a blog way back titled JESUS and blogging...about being my "therapeutic diagnosis" for everyone. :) Anyways, I think you do a great job, for me at least, of adding "fig newtons," "brownies," or something healthier like hidden GRAPES (haha) to my lunch sack aka blog. Thanks for writing on YOURS about your thoughts, hilarious humor and insight. Keeping us in touch with the political world and helping seperate the real from the hype. I love your blog and knew it was one I wanted to keep up with the day I found it. Thanks for sharing with us, your blogging family.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I struggle with that too, though I find the comments on my blog to be the most fulfilling part of blogging. I usually have a day (like today) where I play catch up on the blogs I read, and try to make thoughtful comments.

By the way, great blog! ;)

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Tony C, I struggle sometimes with knowing exactly what to say in a comment.

Sometimes, I'm just left speechless.

Sometimes, I read the other comments in the comment box and feel they've responded so much more eloquently than I ever could. (Which is just another weird form of pride.)

And sometimes -- as is becoming the case here at Tony C Today -- I ramble on and
on and
as I hijack the comment box.


Love your blog, Tony C.