Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"The prevailing style of management must undergo transformation..."

Chances are if you're reading this...you're not technophobic. Most people who read blogs, use the internet for shopping and information gathering, and join social media sites know a little about computers and networking. I use a computer all day at work and often come home to an hour or so of playing on the thing. Between my BlackBerry, laptop, and two desktops...computers have become an integral part of my life.

But don't take that statement as a complaint. Technology, and specifically the computer, have change my life for the better. I wouldn't have the job I love if not for a computer and the internet. Although I've been doing my job for nearly five years now, I'm still amazed that I can provide quality customer service to a buyer in Europe before ever arriving at work, and then to one in Korea before retiring for the night. Just last night, I responded to an email from a buyer in Japan on my phone that took all of a minute,yet the quick response made my customer very happy and under the impression I work around the clock (which I assure you is not the case).

It is easy for competitors to take away satisfied customers - it is not easy for a competitor to take away delighted customers. W. Edwards Deming

If you're a student of business, you know how influential Dr. Deming has been to both American and Japanese industry. His principles are taught in the very best business schools worldwide. Although he died in 1993 at the cusp of the internet explosion, I can't help but feel Dr. Deming would have somehow made the internet protocol process even better had he been directly involved and not just through his influential theories.

Dr. Deming countered Thomas Eidson's famous -There's no substitute for hard work -quote with his own- There's no substitute for knowledge. Personally, I think there's truth in both statements that can have a profound impact on a person's life. Hard work and intelligence have been the cornerstones in the building of our great nation. Unfortunately, they're trademarks most have abandoned. Dr. Deming was really big on sound leadership being the driving successful force in any industry. He believed a company would thrive or die on the basis of leadership, and proper leadership wasn't by any means limited to management. It must be exhibited by all those involved in whatever the company's purpose was deemed to be and was crucial not just for success...but for survival.

I've thought about Dr. Deming a lot yesterday and today. Technology has vastly improved my ability to keep my customers delighted, but I just wish Dr. Deming were still around today and in the prime of his teachings...and I wish this for very obstinate reasons. If only the elected/appointed officials in all three branches of our federal government could be forced to listen to the brilliance of Dr. Deming then pass a written exam on his principles in order to stay in office...sigh...who am I fooling. I might as well stop daydreaming now and get back to work.

At this point, I'd settle for just being a marginally satisfied customer of what Washington's selling...


David said...

Well, with 77% of MA residents who are 66% Democrats not liking the HC bill. I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you’ve done it. I am finally going to post on tonyctoday. You’ve hit on three things in this post that I care about…a lot: Technology, information and most of all leadership.

A company’s success (or failure) is the result of the hundreds of decisions made every day at all levels of the organization. There is access to more information today than at any time in history. Unfortunately access to information does not automatically lead to better decisions. In reality, most of us suffer from information overload. The significant is often drowned out by the mundane; That important email is lost in the sea of spam; Excessive information can lead to “paralysis analysis”, etc.

The key is having access to the right information, turn that information into knowledge and eventually into insight. Today’s leaders must leverage technology to improve the quality and speed of every decision.

photogr said...

Top level smart leadership is a prime motivation for success of a business. Howerever, the prime goal of all involved in a business is taking care of the customers needs. Once that is abandoned, you have total anarchhy and failure.

I think our current government leadership with their heads in the sand is a prime example of not listening to what their voters are saying thus inviting anarchy and failure inevitably.

Tracy said...

I try to be a positive person...but with the passage of the health care bill........I'm really struggling