Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm a big baby when I'm sick because I don't like it...

13 days. It has been 13 days since my last post on Tony C!

So what has Tony C been so preoccupied with for 13 days that he neglected his blog and blogosphere friends. Well, it's a nasty little four letter...word-like...okay, medical term...H1N1.

(Cue dramatic, revelation music)

It started on December 1, the birthday of my saintly mother. I went to work, came home, ate, and went to bed until the next day. I made like shampoo bottle instructions and repeated the whole process the next day. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I took Friday off work to get 3 full days of rest and recovery time. Chicken soup, hot tea, blue blanket and the History Channel when combined with just the right amount of NyQuil have never failed to knock most any bug out of me to date. Add in some TLC from Mrs. Tony C and it's darn near Carnival Cruiselines...

Unfortunately, come Monday my fever was still hanging around, and my cough sounded like something you would hear in Sea World hanging around the sea lions. Thinking I might have pneumonia, I caved into the pleadings of Mrs. Tony C and headed to Urgent Care. After a chest x-ray that revealed no pneumonia and the verdict that I had one severe ear infection with the other one not far behind, I was administered the 'flu test.' Those of you not familiar (like me to this point), the flu test involves running a foot-long, pipe cleaner looking device into each nostril, one at a time, to a depth that feels like somewhere behind each eyeball.

Nurse: (During procedure) I'll warn you, this is pretty unpleasant.

Tony C: Come on! I've had bad...GEEEZZZ!

Nurse: Relax. The other nostril...

Tony C (tears streaming from both eyes): Unpleasant! I'm pretty sure that procedure is against the Geneva Convention!

Nurse: You can go back to the Waiting Room. (Noticing the tears) Do you need a few minutes?

Tony C: No! I'm fine. Stupid test. I would have been okay with your best educated guess you know...

An hour and a blood test later, the doctor comes in practically wearing a HAZMAT suit to tell me for sure I have the flu. Prescription: Rest and fluids. It wasn't until the next day they called to confirm it was H1N1. Prescription: Rest and fluids.

Mr. Tony C, your pipe cleaner says you do have the flu, but don't do a lot of other people. You'll probably be fine in a week, a month or so...I'm pretty sure. Don't worry and get some rest.

I did get an antibiotic for the ear infections, but today both ears are still stopped up and everyone sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon. After being quarantined inside the Tony C household for the past 10 days, I got to sleep in my own bed last night...which was very nice. Well, until about 3 am when the 2 year old decided to join us.

I'm glad things are finally getting back to normal...


David said...

So, tell me, you had the seasonal flu shot and caught the seasonal flu. You had the H1N1 vaccination and got H1N1.

Maybe I am looking in the wrong direction - should I be investigating the TLC from Mrs. Tony C. angle? Maybe you should skip the vaccines and take her on a cruise?

Glad you're back up and running! And maybe you should skip any future vaccines.

Tracy said...

The tests sound worse than the sickness; the only good thing is they provided you with an official diagnosis for your place of employment.

Glad you're recovered now (the not hearing folks all that well might just be a blessing in disguise).

Michelle said...

That is a LONG time to be sick! And it has to be REALLY bad if the nurse says it's unpleasant!

Glad you're back.

photogr said...

Good to see you back Tony. Best to take it easy a while longer. Went through an accute bronchial infection in July. Not as bad as the H1N1 but just as miserable a feeling though. I feel for you.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Well... there you are. We've been wondering.

So sorry to hear you've been down with H1N1. But boy or boy, the sickness didn't steal your amazing sense of humor. You made me laugh tonight.

(By the way, the word verification on the post tonight is "IsCursed" ... I'd say you had a bit of a curse, eh?)

Praying your up and on your feet -- at 100 percent -- very soon.

Z said...

Tony! I'm so glad you're on the gosh! all the best!