Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a friend our side has in Jesus...

I'd like to say it's a new trend...but unfortunately, that would be far from the truth.

It seems Jesus has taken a center role in the health care reform debate. Yes, our Lord and Savior now has a voice of opinion through His teachings over 2000 years ago as documented by the Holy Bible as to which side is morally correct on the health care issue. Championing the Son of God is none other than...the Democrats.

Excuse me?

After hearing this nonsense last week, I had to tune to talk radio this week (gasp). I've been very disappointed and even outraged (yes I know, the latter is the point of talk radio). Both side are now slinging the name of Jesus and pseudo-biblical verses around at a blasphemous tear that would put an MTV awards show to shame.

As if the television broadcast above wasn't bad enough, I actually heard the guest host on Laura Ingraham's radio show say Jesus gave us the lesson of teaching a man to fish so he could feed himself for a lifetime, not just giving him a fish to eat for a day. Jesus was about teaching people, not just giving them what they wanted. I believe Jesus hates socialism from what I know from the Bible.

I'm sorry. Is there a Asian Jesus I'm unaware of in another book? What chapter and verse in the Holy Bible can I find that? I always thought that axiom was from a Chinese proverb. Hmmm...maybe that cleanliness is next to godliness thing is in the Bible after all, and I can get my $20 back from the Youth Pastor. I need to look into that.

Both Democrats and Republicans...please just stop with the WWJD stuff! Neither of you are helping your side in the bigger picture. Christian conservatives should know better than twist the teachings of the Son of God to make it support their side in any debate. Liberals...well...just when the heck did you ever care about anything Jesus said? With politicians from both sides spewing 'Jesus this' and 'Jesus that' inside the halls of Congress, I'm sure the Separation Police over at the ACLU are all lying on the floor convulsing like fish on the deck of a fishing boat when the catch is hauled on board.

(Separation Police agents at ACLU Headquarters monitoring CSPAN while religious alert alarms scream endlessly...)

They can't say that!

She shouldn't use that name!

No, don't mention that book.

For God sake people, this is a public building! I didn't mean God! Strike that. Hire more atheist's like the 1950's all over again! (Loud wailing and gnashing of teeth)

Personally, I say we give Jesus a break and leave him out of the political bickering. I'm pretty sure He's more worried about the eternal health care plan you have...not your HMO's bottom line.


Dave said...

Great post, Tony. I get so sick of politicians and pundits on both sides "using" the name of Jesus for their own gain. Especially when they attribute sayings and ideas to Him, that He never said or taught. I suppose this particular person thought that Jesus didn't feed the 5,000 by miraculously providing them fish and bread, but instead gave them fishing poles and taught them how to bait a hook and cast for bass. It also irritates me when they twist the Bible to make it support their side by taking a passage completely out of context.

David said...

Ah yes,I call this the "Oprah Jesus." He was a good man that taught good things. How freakin' sweet! *barf*

Jesus wept, he turned over the tables of the money changers, and in between he showed his love in healing the sick, insisting that the poor and the blind could receive Him more easily then those in power and with money. Then He went to the cross to suffer death for me (and you and you and you).

As a Christian, I am neither conservative, nor liberal. I believe the word and do my best to do it. I don't get to have an opinion, God already has one. He has defined the social issues in concrete language, He has also showed us what real love is-- not the be "good" kind, but the "die for those you love" kind. We can't be good, we can only be redeemed. When we are redeemed we begin to see things God's way. If we don't change, then we are not redeemed.

When it comes to health-care we should rely on Jesus. Can God use doctors? I dunno, Luke was one. Does God do miraculous healing? Yupp, but more where health-care is not available. We can relay on our money and insurance, or we can relay on Jesus. If He chooses to use health-care, great. If I die because I don't have any - even better to be in Glory with Him who has known me since before the foundations of the earth.

You trust Jesus, or you trust man. Pick one.

Politics? Who cares-- read your Bible and vote for the best person to support those principals. If you vote for those that do not support Biblical principals when you could have? You're plainly a hypocrite. Thank God, there is redemption.

You trust Jesus, or you trust man. Pick one.

Look for my new blog on the hypocrite Ted Kennedy.. I almost said brain dead, but that would have been mean.

Rosie said...

I was reading Fox headlines last night and saw the blurb regarding Obama asking the clergy to promote his healthcare plan from their pulpits. The first time I step foot into a church and the healthcare system of this country is being promoted in any way, shape or form, is when I quit going to church. Simple as that.

NC Sue said...

I bet Jesus gets tired of having folks from different faction whopping each other over the head with him.

I know I sure get tired of it.

Good post, and a good reminder to discern what God's will is in a situation, rather than trying to impress our will upon Him.

David said...

Obama asking for them to promote fed health-care? Isn't that illegal? You can't promote a candidate. So why their agenda? Maybe if pastors don't they'll lose their 501(c)3 status?

Hey NC Sue - Jesus was tired of the Pharisees and Sadducees. They argued over the resurrection. SO, Jesus went out and did it.

Z said...

Oh, NO! The new WHite House memo seems to be "get the Christians now", dontchaknow.
Pelosi spoke with a collared Catholic priest behind her on the platform, a lib nun talked herself onto Bill O'Reilly's show arguing that Jesus would approve public option healthcare, Obama's talking about 'bearing false witness', etc etc...

I'd missed your video somehow! See?

And yes, I agree with you...leave Jesus out of here, you can't have him both ways: YOu can't deplore the use of his name by George Bush as "too religious" and then USE the name as if you invented it..

Burkulater said...

Separation of Church and State...unless you're trying to pass a healthcare plan? Aye.

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate all your prayers. I will update as I have more news. Thanks, Debbie

Mesha said...

....hahahahahahaha....i could not stop laughing throughout this post. hahahhahaha. i'm laughing b/c of how ridiculous it's all become really. WOW! seriously, it's an age old trick, twist the scripture and make it appeal to your plea. i like how God is recognized when they think it will come to their "defense," but i wonder how many recognize him for the simple fact that he's GOOD! LOVING! COMPASSIONATE! Worthy of ALL honor, ALL glory and ALL praise! i'm still laughing!!! hahahahaha...WOW! He is welcomed into each party to be used as their "trump" card.

wow, i really shouldn't get this much laughter out of a post that is truly sad, but it's the emotion that has overtaken me i supposed. :)

Mesha said...

September challenge posted.

Lula! said...

I couldn't watch that whole thing...
And what did Laura Ingraham say when her guest started quoting Asian Jesus?

Next thing you know, people are gonna show up at town halls spouting off, "God helps those who help themselves." That's in Hezikiah 14:2, ya know.

don't even get me started on health care reform. (NOT "health insurance reform," as Obama's croonies want the populace to call it...yeah, they know how to tug on heart strings. Insurance companies=BAD!) I'm married to a doctor...a doctor with VERY strong opinions on the issue.

I asked him to guest post on my blog about it, but to be careful and not too offensive to those who feel differently from us. His reply?

"Well, the liberals offend the heck out of me, and I'm tired of walking on eggshells. I'm tired of being offended--it's high time I offend someone with TRUTH!"

He's a keeper, I tell ya.