Monday, June 22, 2009

Reality is a point of view...(WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

I jumped over to CNN this morning to catch the latest from Iran. There's a lot of things going on in the country, and Twitter just can't keep up. Some of you have probably already heard about the YouTube video circulating showing a teenage girl named Neda being killed during the protest on Saturday. She has become a rallying cry worldwide for the outrageous reaction by the Iranian government in response to the peaceful protest.

Be warned- the video is very graphic and shows the teenage girl actually dying. I post this for one reason only...people need to see and know this is real and Iranian citizens are risking their lives or actually dying for their right to be heard.

I started by mentioning my visit to the CNN website. As I'm writing this, the number 1 viewed story on CNN is listed as Reality bites for Jon and Kate...

...well, reality isn't too peachy for Neda either.

God please forgive us and be with the people of Iran trying to stand up and be heard.


David said...


Governments that assert so much power over their citizens often go by the wayside -- but never soon enough.

In so may places there is torture, control and greed. It was once said, "democracy is the worst form of government, and then there is everything else below it." I wonder why we want government to have so much power over business, religion and politics?

Another sobering thought, is it possible that you and I have lived through the USA's greatest hour and that it is now behind us?

Beth in NC said...

This is so horrible. God have mercy.

Z said...

it's hard to see that she seems to have lived for a time after being shot; I'd hoped it killed her instantly, poor girl!''
David, we can't let ourselves think that we've lived through America's greatest hour.
We have to fight somehow!

Tony...No 1 was kate and what's his name? My GOSH, maybe David's right ...

eaglegirl said...

How many more people will end up dying ? My fear is that this will end up as a giant, prolonged Tianemen Square.
Lord have mercy on the people of Iran and we pray for a positive government change.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I had heard about this, but hadn't seen it yet. What do you think about a President that is willing to scold Israel for defending itself against the hostile powers that surround it, but doesn't want to 'meddle' in Iran?

On another topic, thank you, Tony for making me look lazy and carnal for actually not Twittering. :)

Laretha said...

I have been incredibly disconnected the past several weeks and had watched some of Fox News coverage while out of town on business but that was early last week.

I hadn't seen nor heard of this.

This is heartbreaking! This is wrong! Why won't our leadership do something...say something...speak out against this?

So many have died for our freedom. Let this be a rally cry for Iranians.

Lord be with them all.

Misty Rice said...

I feel a sense of faint in me after watching that. To know that is NOT a movie scene done by an actress, but that was a real human.

I am sad for this world.

Thanks for stopping by and I will be praying for you and your doctors son.

God Bless.

Mesha said...

My friend actually was the first to tell me about this on Monday night while we were out to dinner. Then a customer of mine came in the bank yesterday and talked about it. I had no clue prior to that conversation though and I told her I thought it was ironic because I subscribe to breaking news stories and haven't received one email referencing this. I get breaking news over the most ridiculous things (Chris Brown scandal), yet not one line on this story. It truly is sad - everyone SOO wants to be in the middle of some reality TV families personal battles right now that they are heartlessly ignoring the things in life that TRULY matter. Seriously - leave Jon and Kate alone, the media is serving to only make their relationship worse, not help to work it out. I hope our president of "Change" opens his eyes and stops shying away from the issues that REALLY matter.